Assessing Your Company Values

The values surrounding your organization can either build it up to the tip top, or it can break your organization down. Your company values are what support the vision and shape the culture of the organization. They are the essence of your company’s identity — the principles, beliefs or philosophy of values.

However, as an entrepreneur, if you are not carrying out your values in daily actions and tangible ways of living, you’re putting yourself in a “threat state” ─ a state where productivity, creativity, innovation, the cognitive areas of your brain, the executive areas of your brain cannot be activated at an optimal rate. In other words ─ you are not giving yourself the best opportunity to utilize all the energy, all the creativity and all the motivation within your capabilities.

This is a huge disadvantage. You owe it to yourself to tap into all the energy, the creativity and the motivation available. You owe it to yourself to tap into any and all cognizant functions that allow you to become the best version of yourself.

Take a moment today to truly assess what you’re saying and doing to ensure they are aligned. Don’t be afraid to step back for two weeks, 16 hours or 36 days to step back and really assess who you are and what you’re saying that you want to do. Be opened-minded and agile enough to pivot and adjust so that your values, words and actions are aligned. All your brain knows it what it hears and what it sees ─ and that’s your responsibility.

In order to give your business the chance to be successful — it must be 100% conducive to your values and mindset.

If your values are family, friends, religion, democracy ─ then your business will reflect these. If your values are laziness, drinking and drugs, then so too will these be reflected in the culture of the organization.

Being a CEO, the president or an executive in the company means that every single thing that happens within the company is your responsibility. The values you bring will play a big role in setting the tone for the rest of the organization.

As the founder of Cognizance Capital, I’ve gone through a few different situations myself where my values got in the way of the company reaching new heights. But I am aware of it. It’s something that I continue to work on, and it’s part of the process of being a flexible and agile business leader.

Outline and understand your values as they play a crucial role in how you develop the vision and shape the culture of your organization. Ensure that your values can only lend to the success of your business.

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