Employee-to-Employee Culture

We’ve previously discussed overall organization culture, organizational learning and re-structuring HR teams. We’ve even learned about different ways business leaders and executives can deploy culture and make sure that everyone is engaged, excited and motivated. But what do we know about employee-to-employee culture?

As a team manager, how can we make sure that Jared cares about Derrick? And that Derrick respects Susan? Employee to employee culture is one of those often-overlooked aspects of an organization’s team environment.

Employee-to-employee culture begins with a combination of intent and smart hiring practices. Hiring people who have the intent to truly not just care about the tactics and the functionality of the business. But who can also look at the biggest scenarios and ensure that Jared, Derrick and Susan are all at a high level and excelling both in and outside of the context of the business. It’s important that they feel excited, happy and encouraged. In doing so — the productivity in the business will be greater.

In addition to revenue goals and processes, it’s the manager’s responsibility to ensure the employee-to-employee culture is also at a high level. Executives must have it on their shoulders to make sure people inside the company are doing what they need to do to cultivate an environment of caring and support.

Every single member of the tribe should be doing the best they can to contribute to a culture where employees are living and working as their best self. Who wouldn’t love to work in an environment that is happy and filled with motivation and excitement? We all want leaders and managers who support our personal goals and professional development — not only inside of the company, but outside of it as well.

If Susan loves knitting, would like to pursue knitting as a business and plans to leave the organization in 6 months to start her own knitting company, then Derrick should give Susan a knitting book. Jared should pat Susan on the back and wish her well in her new business endeavour.

Employee-to-employee culture is something that should be implemented on a day-to-day basis. It’s what will really build a huge business. The intent that will back the tactics of the culture is what will really build a huge business.

It’s time for business leaders and executives to take a seat back and let employees make the money.

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