First 3 Steps

Becoming an entrepreneur.

Three steps that are needed, three steps that are going to catapult you to understanding more of what its truly going to take to becoming an entrepreneur.

Step 1: Base line competence that will be needed around the particular marketplace. So what does this mean right, like what is the “how too”. Well there is a few key points that we are touching on when we mention base line competence. It can go into the depths of marketing, meaning what is the base line competence needed to become efficient within that, market place.

Well first and foremost one could start by mapping the top 25 companies and leaders within the space and measuring their current engagement via social media, measure if there is any traffic offline, measure why their engagement is high or low and the type of text, pictures and video content they are producing. From there it’s a simple self-awareness test/? Do I have the energy, recourses, and talent to measure up and produce similar content? These are all questions that should be playing in ones mind when assessing their base line knowledge from marketing perspective. Now there are so many other variables that going into business that should be thought about and assessed as well, Leadership & Culture which we have deemed as possibly the most important elements of business, operations and the functionally behind that but most importantly assessing what you truly want and making sure the behaviors’ that are displayed represent the world you want to have externally. So if you can get the gist of what we are saying understanding and identifying the base line competence needed and making sure that you are utilizing full awareness when going through that process will always be the first step.

Step 2: Patience and developing a proxy for that patience.

Once the process of understanding the base line competence that will be needed to begin once the entrepreneurial journey is complete, one will have to dive deeper into their emotional center to find their patience meter. So the trick that we teach here at Cognizance Capital is having each client understand that “action and patience” can be utilized in the same motion; we call it taking (Competent Action). This process entails having you ask questions such as “what do I need opposed to want externally out of life?” because the answer’s to that question has various behaviors tied to it. For instance, if the answer is that your paradigm around having a practical job or investment funding is non existent then your desire and frankly your need to obtain money quickly will trump all, meaning your behavior’s will not be conducive to patience. Now with all of the research we have found, having that scarcity mindset can only lead to a decrease in creativity, a decrease in energy levels, as well as productivity.

The key is to build and design an envirmeont externally and internally that is not only conducive to talent, skill and competence; but is also conducive to practicality, safety and patience thus giving yourself the best possible chance of creativity, productivity and success. So the competent action we advise all to take is understanding their truth and understanding that in order to put a true dent into their particular market place time will be a factor and then slowing down and fully understanding what they want and reverse engineering their process turns out to be the best result. Weather its 12 hours, 13 hours, 16 hours per day; whatever it may be but understand the truth and put fourth that truth based competent action.

Step 3: Long term wins, Short term wins.. Both are crucial

Awareness to the long-term success daily practices based off of the information you have complied and the short-term success daily practices are a MUST. What are some the actions that need to be taken that will set your self up over the next 10–15 years as well as the next 6 months-2 years?

So lets start with the short, see what we now understand about science is that when we can hone in on the 3 things or 4 things that can measure out to a few consistent small wins, your inspiration, dedication, chemicals within your brain will be released thus creating more capacity to function at a higher level.

Now with the long-term wins, one must make sure the short-term wins are providing a leverage point for the long term. Weather it’s a short term win of a relationship or a short term win of cash that may be needed or information obtained but all in all both are needed.

Here at Cognizance Capital we feel strongly that the 3 steps outlined will provide the best chance for an aspiring entrepreneur to succeed.

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