Great Human Beings, LLC

How to make a million dollars by being a great person? That’s a question that most don’t ask, but should and what we found was the key to success. See a lot of people complicate the aspects of marketing, complicate the aspects of business and complicate the aspects of life period. See business and life productivity involves human beings, and if that’s the case then to create a beautiful, amazing, rich, and fulfilling company then one must understand and execute, creating top of the line human beings. That’s business … its about human beings.

So to create an outstanding company, to create a company that is profitable its really about doing the right things. Showing up to the classroom “entrepreneur world” every single day and sitting in the front of that class room looking for ways to impact those around you and learn; listen and engage. Making it a habit, making it a standard to experience and understand the entire context of that class for that day. Going home, reading, researching understanding more of the context of that class, calling those who paly a huge role within the class and seeing what else you can bring to their life that adds value. If you are the leader of an organization chances are you’re an human being and in order to dominate running your company and to dominate the market you have to truly give a SHIT!! about the human beings that are next to you. That’s all it takes, caring about a person, adding value to that person, committing yourself to understanding the context, utilizing curiously thus asking questions based around ways to commit more value, that’s all it takes. Business is human beings, human beings is business.

We think its pretty interesting how high-level executives, and leaders in business attempt to separate humans from the actual business itself. Business from generosity, businesses from EQ, business from honesty, see all of these components are wrapped in one. If you want to build and develop an amazing business ask more questions that are based around how to increase the natural abilities of the human beings around you, this is the way one can organically organize and grow the company. The simple key is locating and understanding the WASTE within the context of your business, don’t waste time being rude, don’t waste time on activates that don’t bring massive amounts of mental return to the human beings within your organization, don’t waste time trying to guess, don’t waste time being negative; spend your time knowing, spend your time caring, spend your time being curious of how to increase your ability to become a great human being.

Business is human beings and human being is business.

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