How To Adopt Mental Modals from the worlds Top 5 Podcasts for Entrepreneurs

The podcasts that will be represented in this blog we feel represent what we consider high quality content as well as access to legitimately gain traction in your business modal due the ability to create duplicatable “mental modals”. These 5 podcast gives the listeners a chance to understand from a framework perspective “what it takes to think of, start, build and sustain” a respectable startup. Our goal for each reader is to teach you how to think while enjoying each audio, thus establishing that basic framework that will give one access to duplicate those frameworks in other areas of their business.

In addition we hope to help create a healthy habit of curiosity that leads to a plethora of mental modals.

Our Top Five Podcasts that gives entrepreneurs a chance to take away tangible insights and mental modals!

Despite the podcast mainly providing value from a digital marketing perspective for online companies, Neil and Eric do an amazing job articulating the exact tactics around how to execute simple and sometimes difficult tasks. With there face pace 10 min podcast style, Neil and Eric leave no time to waste thus each listener must be prepared to take down notes and listen for any key insight that may pertain to their market place.

Mental Modal take aways of “Marketing School”

The unique 10 min podcast modal helps young entrepreneurs go from a wanna be entrepreneur who simply enjoys hearing entrepreneurial stories; to an entrepreneur that seeks and expects tangible insights. Now when seeking those tangible insights, realize that some may not be applicable today but as you grow, your products grows and your team grows certain tactics will become more and more applicable. Where the issue lies is that most just listen to a tactic and since it doesn't apply in the “now” they allow the content to release from their memory. The key is to create an organized folder and or file that is clearly broken up into distinct sections (culture & leadership, business develop met for “xyz brands” banner ad marketing, content marketing, influencer marketing etc.) thus giving your self a chance to store the goods!

This amazing podcast provides listeners with a new and fascinating way to experience the world of podcast. How I Built This provides interesting breaks, music, story lines, and themes that keep your attention thus extending the amount of time your engaging with the podcast. The shows come out randomly which in our opinion keeps subscribers on their toes, eager for the next episode.

Mental Modal take aways of “How I Built This

With each episode comes an extremely in depth look at the beginning times of each individual entrepreneurs journey . Now unlike other podcast, we encourage you guys to really pay attention to the questions Guy Raz asks and ask yourself the same thus comparing stories and perspectives. See throughout our course of developing Cognizance Capital this podcast helped us learn how to view the world from so many different entrepreneurs perspectives thus collecting that data and walking down “empathy lane” helped us understand how to be more effective leaders, product developers, marketers and overall entrepreneurs. Listening to each story from the entrepreneurs on “How I Built This” and taking the findings of each story and spreading the keys with your internal team and or comparing best practices to your current marketing or leadership practices, makes you a more authentic and well rounded entrepreneur/brand.

Amazing, Fantastic, Irreplaceable .. and thats an understatement. This long running podcast provides so much value from the first few minutes while the host dives deep into revenues, to the last few minutes where the host does an amazing job going over key points from the interview. This podcast alone, is directly responsible for a large percentage of our growth here at Cognizance Capital.

Mental Modal take aways of “Mixergy

Uncovering the true “reasons” behind major failures in ones business modal and or business disciplines is a strength for the Mixergy hosts, and this is also one of many fundamental keys for any entrepreneur looking to establish consistency. While taking in all of what this great podcast has to offer, make sure understand and utilize the following mental modals around (understanding the core reasons and ways to sell a company and or partner up for business development/when to bring on your first team member as well as how much to allocate to that team member/ finally make sure to focus on the online tools that both the host and the brand used to grow “because this podcast does an amazing job of describing the how too” behind those tools). During this particular podcast, have a note pad ready.. you will definitely be able to grow aspects of your business in real time.

We almost didn't select this podcast to make the cut, and then we remembered how much appreciation and love we have for “Culture & Leadership” and how much of a cornerstone it is for financial, staff and overall organizational growth. Now this podcast explains to you how to think, and how to see the world, which provides a secure foundation for ones tactics.

While most entrepreneurs enjoy happiness, respect, passion, love & appreciation for ones work; most of their day-day actions point in another direction. See only the great entrepreneurs and brands can explain how much of an impact culture & leadership can have on product design, energy levels, creativity and overall company success. Yet so many tend to solely target their energy towards the latest and greatest tools and ideas that they feel will improve the company and not the “people” that will internally execute those tools and functions. Entreleadership focus directly improving these flaws.

When listening to Entreleadership we suggest that you have yourself aka “the leader” a key low level tribe member and their direct report in the room and indulge in consistent communication around the key take aways and how you all feel you can implement them into your organization. We suggest a key “low level” employee because any insights that they feel will help the other lower level employees perform more efficiently can be brought up to secure full support and corporation from senior staff. Doing this will create a new level of comfortability that will ignite new levels of creativity “a key component for any organization”. We also suggest senior staff, so that your tribe members can see for themselves the effect new ideas have, thus new levels of trust will form.

This podcast is brilliant and this may be the most impactful yet the most underrated mental modal of entire blog.

Inside Quest!!!!! Now this selection was incredibly difficult due to the inconsistency of their podcast roll outs. Tom, the host of Inside Quest may present 2 interviews per month and then 2 per week, yet despite the low volume each episode is packed with amazing content that Tom brings out of each amazing guest.

Interviewing & Organizational Culture: These flat out are the two main mental modals that you will develop while listening to Inside Quest. Tom does an amazing job with his interviewing style, weather you adopt his unorthodox habits of question generation, or you adopt his way of giving back and providing disproportional value to his staff with his “live show; which he invites the entire team to so they can grow as people” both will serve you and your brand incredibly well.

Your goal with each listen should be to take away something incredibly valuable, hopefully we provided enough examples to jump start your next podcast listen!


Team Cognizance Capital