How to Respect Your Neurological Makeup While Learning & Respecting How This Entrepreneurial Game Works

We pride ourselves on giving advice, and writing content only based off of what we have either personally done, been apart of or knows for a fact will work. Having said that we wanted to write this to help the entrepreneurs/founders who have massive talent and ability but are lacking in the ACTION category due to over thinking, calculating and straight up procrastination.

So currently we have two clients who are incredibly talented but are suffering from a combination of “thinking to much/awaiting the perfect moment”… What do we mean? Well thats simple, these two clients feel that in order for them to succeed in this world we call entrepreneurship things need to be perfect and their thought patterns need to be perfectly aligned. Both are far from the truth and hopefully we will help you guys with that!


This is a fact, the brain appreciates when the amount of energy being spent on a daily basis is little to none; so this means when difficult situations come into play the brain will do everything in its power to avoid it. Being cognizant of this can dramatically help when your trying to push through when your brain tells you to slow down! But slowing down in most entrepreneurial cases isn’t an option, when the market place whats a new product, or new features or when your simply trying to gather your footing and understand the world … slowing down brings pain and profit decreases in most cases. SPEED mixed with competent action is the only remedy that can have a positive effect on how things play out in the long run. Speed and competent action goes completely against procrastination, fear, hesitation and overthinking. Speed and competent action equals to success at all times!

SPEED: Making quick decisions, giving the market place what they desire, adjusting and pivoting when its needed with little to no hesitation.

Competent Action: Can only occur when one trusts the core make up of his or her’s brain. Not spending to much energy, taking your time to learn more of the basics, making sure you have a complete understanding.

How does one combine the two?

Once you and your team have a firm understanding of your sales process, firm understanding of your marketing, of your platform, of the targets you can use speed and perform quickly with no hesitation and or confusion on the brain. The brain will no and feel comfortable with the actions that are moving so fast, and the market place will appreciate work that was thought out and acted on quickly. The problem is that so many have small issues that they cant or don’t know how to fix that sends a negative/threat response to their brain and they ponder why that is. They ponder how things got to this point, rather then moving quickly to fix the problem or move far from it.

Bottom line, thinking is what brings great ideas into the world, but not pairing that with MASSIVE ACTION.. turns a great idea into just a great idea. Don’t listen to your natural neurological make up, take risk, push the boundaries and determine creative ways to create success for yourself and your team!

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