Understanding what truly matters… (focusing on one clear objective and key market place difference)

“We don’t have just one thing that sets us apart, we have many” — startup founder

This may the one biggest reasons why brands are not as big as they could be. See with the market place consistently changing, growing and adapting .. your market place separators have to be in place and on point; yet this does not mean have so many that you confuse potential investors, consumers and potential business development partners.

Today’s founders are desperate to build out the innovation aspects of there brand only to plead to the market place why there brand has more value then every other one, yet they don’t realize the most important component is simplifying the difference and making that particular difference extremely apparent.

Instead of creating 4–6 new ways of disrupting the market, creating 1 or maybe 2 clear ways that you are head and toes above the competition and make sure to build out marketing disciplines, hiring strategies and business development partners around the 1 or 2 differences. The worse thing that can happen is becoming a nit pick, micro manger and over investor in aspects your consumers don’t truly car about.

🔑 #1 Choose your one or two differences, and make sure you have the best people on hand to amplify those differences.

🔑 #2 Go all in with marketing, infrastructure, anything that can benefit the brand differences.

🔑 #3 Make sure to listen to the market place and make sure the differences you outlined are actually the differences they are responding to, if not .. always be open and flexible to change that.

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