Diet and Exercise

Do you work out often? Do you think you eat healthy? We always here that we are suppose to workout constantly and eat right but there are a lot of long term benefits associated. Exercising can help reduce the rate of neurodegenerative diseases.Exercise helps by reducing the rate in which neurons start to deteriorate. SO ENCOURAGE YOUR ELDERS FOR A WALKS. Heart diseases is another common type of disease that we always hear about. Lack of exercise and movement can cause the food we eat to become stored as fat in our body and too much can affect many things like our blood flow and the rate our heart works. A common misunderstanding you may hear is how you do not have to exercise everyday to get the benefits of a workout like you need a gap day. BUT this is false. In order to get to get the benefits of exercise it is crucial to maintain a system because if you take a gap more than 24 hours your body starts to revert back. HOWEVER, FOOD IS ALSO IMPORTANT.

People always says eat lots of vegetables and fruits but in reality too much is not good for you too especially in the long run. Fruits and Vegetables are good when eaten in moderation. Too much of this food group can cause an excess production on uric acid in the body which is produced in foods with high amounts of purine. Once the uric acid breaks down in your body, it travels to into your blood stream towards your kidneys. This is dangerous and pose as a health danger because it can cause kidney stones which can be VERY painful. However, this is not to discourage you from eating vegetables and fruits and other foods. IT is VERY important to eat fruits and vegetables but when your diet is only from those two food group. We understand that vegetables and fruits have other nutrients but we have to try to get a well balanced diet to prevent conditions like gout, kidney stones, and many others. Trust me you do not want to experience this. You also do not want to see your loved ones to inform them and tell them that eating ONLY Veggies and fruit is not healthy.

This can also lead to gout and possible other conditions. However, this does not mean you can go eat junk food. In the future, for those of you that are females , eating right and a well balanced diet is important for a healthy baby and pregnancy. This means trying to stay away from soda and all the other food containing high fructose. Studies have shown that diets with high fructose levels, can cause babies to have lower weight than those with a more well-balanced diets. During pregnancy, maternal weight gain ( which is the typical weight gain with a fetus inside of you), Gestational diabetes ( diabetes during pregnancy), maternal insulin resistance and maternal diet can lead to maternal obesity and over nutrition over time. This can cause over-activation of hypertension, Pancreatic B-cells, hyperphagia, reduced skeletal muscle mass and function, adipose tissue proliferation ( meaning accumulation and division of more adipose tissue), and possible liver steatosis ( Fatty liver disease). All of this is linked to insulin resistance in mother which has th possibility for the offspring to be more obese, higher chance for diabetes and cardiovascular disease. In our previous posts we talked about leptin and how it has the ability to tell our bodies to stop eating and Ghrelin does the opposite and stimulates eating. It could be possible that lack of leptin on mother causes a fetal to not feel full. However, from a study there was shows that there was no correlation between mother leptin levels and fetal leptin levels. However, a interesting observation was that there was strong correlation between umbilical leptin and fat mass. This was only a correlation and as we know correlation does not equal causation. But ever parent wants to have a healthy child with proper development but one step to help with this is by having a proper diet and exercise.