Ketogenic Diet

Have you been dieting hard lately? Have you been dieting with low carbs and high fats? I HOPE YOUR NOT DOING THE KETOGENIC DIET????!!!!!!!??? But if your doctor told you to do it then I guess……maybe…………..okay… it’s fine. Usually people try to do the Keto diet for the body image that the diet uses. People think this diet is okay and helps our body but let’s get really here, there is no point in dieting if your only going to harm your body.

Keto diet is often recommend for conditions like epilepsy and many other brain diseases. This diet constricts the intake of very little to no glucose which is good because a lot of the disease feed off of the glucose in our brains. This diet basically uses the fatty acids we eat then is goes into the liver where it eventually gets broken down into ketones and eventually enters the blood stream. However, accumulating too much can have an extreme negative impact especially if you were diabetic. Excess amounts of ketones in your body can cause a diabetic patient to fall into ketoacidosis and overtime too much could even lead to death so NEVER DO THE DIET UNLESS YOU THE DOCTOR TELLS YOU.

The ketogenic diet can also affect many other diseases and daily activities. For example, the diet is shown to cause insomnia. This is because of the inflammation that is caused by the loss of sleep. With a low carbohydrate diet you have less production of serotonin which makes it very hard to sleep. However, children with epilepsy and other conditions are able to sleep better. Also, with the lack of glucose in the body the diet has been seen to protect neurons especially in diseases like Alzheimer's. Cancer likes to eat on glucose so with the lack of glucose in the body this diet could help but it can also affect other aspects of the body so we have to be careful about the diet.

I have talked a lot about the diet but yet I have not explained of what the diet is like. In this diet you basically eat heavy fatty foods and little to no carbohydrate. Imagine a diet with only fats! YUCK! but believe it or not people do this. The base of their meals comes from fatty foods like oils, butter, avocados and other fatty fatty foods. These fatty food are important for the break down to prevent glucose build up. By eating a ketogenic diet you reduce glucose and increase ketones. However, its important to know that ketones are very acidic and you do not want to imbalance the pH in your body or else is will have many negative effects and eventually DEATH.

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