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I decided to go out and buy a backgammon board and teach my roommates how to play. I borrowed one of my roommates car’s and headed over to a board game shop in Roseville. I play alot of backgammon back home with my family, it’s a popular game a lot of Persian people play, and I was shocked yet pleasantly surprised how quickly they picked up the game and how much they enjoy playing now.

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I did my mind map using the online tool.

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Suggested Themes

  1. Motivation through technology- I believe that many people have the idea and desire to exercise and live a healthy lifestyle, but switching up your schedule and day to day activities can be difficult. Many people fall in the trap of becoming so comfortable with their habits they are afraid or have a hard time changing. By finding a way to integrate motivation through friends, peers, or alternative channels on technology, whether it be through social media or private networks, people pushing one another to change for the better is something that can and should be improved upon.
  2. De-stress Methods — Stress is one of the most common phenomenons that large populations of people endure. Many times individuals create stress in situations that that don’t call for it or where it can be avoided. In fact, most times stress is self-induced and it’s all in the mindset of the individual who is stressed. Looking into various and techniques to be able to avoid stress as much as possible. Stress can be very harmful on one’s body, although no physical pain is felt at the time of stress, it strains the body and a continuous increase in blood pressure and mental stress can cause problems in long term health.
  3. Pressuring Peers Positively — Looking for ways to guide and/or encourage students, adults, youth, to all find positive and healthy activities to occupy their time. Looking into ways to innovate how people interact in certain activities and how new ways to interact can be implemented. Keeping oneself busy with healthy and, equally as important, new things in your life to keep moral and energy high and avoid negative habits and not being influenced by negative peer pressure. The importance would be that many people get bored often times and when looking for new and fun things to do, may look to vices and unhealthy habitats that can cause them long and short term harm.

10 Silly Ideas

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