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Session Organization

From Left to Right: Pete, Conner, Sam, Brennan

Pete is my buddy who’s in a fraternity and their house is really nice with a great study/breakout room we were able to use for our idea generation session. Pete is studying physiology, he enjoys being outdoors and playing sports. Conner is a biochemistry major, he likes to plant his own plants when he’s home over the summer. Sam is a marketing major in Carlson, he enjoys traveling and attending concerts in his free time. Finally Brennan is a kinesiology major, who also enjoys playing sports and working out in his spare time. All 4 of them are from Minnesota and have experienced seasons their entire life, which works well with our topic of seasonal wellness. Conner and I met freshman years in the dorms, while Sam and Brennan I have other classes with this semester. For our warm-up, we played several of the games that we learned from HUGE, along with ones from class and the new one I developed for this assignment. The idea generation itself lasted about 25 minutes, after a 15 minute warm up and the final 20 minutes for sorting, voting, discussion and de-briefing. The group generated a total of 18 ideas in the 25 minutes for an IPM of .72.

Sorting and Voting

For this process we sorted the ideas into four columns and created 4 categories (categories are listed as a caption on the photos). As for the voting, I had three of them leave the room and one person use a red marker to vote for 4 ideas other than their own which they felt were the strongest. We repeated this process until each one of them got to vote and then brought them all back in the room to view the results.

Categories from Left to Right: Electronics/Tech Products, Wearables, Around the House, Exercise/Outdoor

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