Learning English for Japanese web developers and designers

I’ve read a book, ITの英語 in this Golden Week. I strongly recommend that Japanese programmers and web designers who try to learn English read this book, because it has interesting topics for them. For example, machine learning, VR, management, and design. I think following people should read it:

  • Be interested in IT, in particular technologies of companies in the Silicon Valley.
  • But feel a little hard to read blog posts and news in English.
  • Have over 500 score of TOEIC.
  • Try to enhance vocabulary with reading and listening to English sentences.

I often read blog post and tech news articles. But it is a little difficult for me to completely understand whenever I read them expect for official documents, such as https://docs.ruby-lang.org or https://docs.docker.com, because I can’t know their summary in advance. In other words, we’re able to know what is written in official documents before reading them, but we can’t know what the blog posts or news articles mean until read them. So it frequently happens that I can understand each word but can’t understand what is mentioned in the sentence. Probably it is the caused by lack of my reading skills and knowledge about idioms.

But you can avoid that when you read ITの英語 because there are Japanese translations in the book. You can read English and make sure that meaning. In addition, you can learn real and natural English because this book consists of actual interviews and presentations. You can learn many word, idioms, and phrase that natives actually frequently use. And you can download their audio data.

I’m going to keep reading aloud and listening with this book and DUO 3.0.