What I’m Working on: Birthday Edition

Such work. Much birthday.

This Week in My Life:

This week I turn 20. Today, in fact, I turn 20. It’s been a good couple of decades. I know this is going to be my best year yet, just as last year was better than the one preceding it. Thanks to all the people who’ve supported me in my building, my learning, and my growing.

This Week in SpottedU:

The images update prototype is up and running; I moved my staging environment to Heroku after my really great experiences with it last week. The iOS update is alive and well, testing will happen this week and next. The backend work is more or less finished, all thats’s left is the client updates, which are going slower than I’d hoped, simply because it’s midterm season and all our developers are in school. I’ll share some screenshots next week :)

This Week in my Education:

More discrete structures! This week it’s recursion, which is slightly more interesting/applicable to my work than the counting algorithms, but still somewhat tedious. We’re also working with Java/Hibernate/MySQL in my social networks class, which makes me miss Node/PG/PostgreSQL every time I work on the assignment.

Tech I Like This Week:

Tweetbot 4 now supports peek and pop, which rocks

Overcast, the podcast app I use when I occasionally listen to the Vergecast or my brother, my brother, and me, is now devoid of in-app purchases, now opting for a “pay what you think it’s worth” model, which I respect, and will probably donate to.

I’m also super happy with the devs of MK, an amazing swift framework of common UI elements, for working with me via github issues to add new features to their framework and fix bugs I’ve been finding. I love open source maintainers, and these guys are the cream of the crop.

Cheers - Connor