CNA Week 2

Why I’m Not Returning My Liberty University Diploma

Featured on the New York Times website, this article gives incite on why this particular individual decided to not return her diploma after Jerry Falwell Jr.’s controversial statement about Trump. In this article, Joy Smith remarks that Falwell’s statement does not demonstrate the school’s ethics or Liberty’s sense of community on campus. Smith concludes that returning her diploma would give Falwell more influence over the Universities future than he deserves to be accredited with.

Liberty University students head to Texas to help with flood relief efforts

This story is about LU Send Now’s efforts to provide flood relief to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The article highlights the fact that one of the students on the trip is originally from Texas. This gives the reader personal insight on how people of that area have come to terms with this natural disaster.

Liberty University to premier nationwide feature film

This article discusses the nation wide premier of Liberty University’s film “Extraordinary.” This movie will be the first in history, made by a university film program, to be released in theaters nationwide. The film is planned to premiere on September 7th.