Tansel Kaya

As Coimex team, we get our strength and confidence from the great people whose achievements and experiences cannot be underestimated. Here is the story of our technical advisor, Tansel Kaya, who has seen the potential in this project and is not afraid to be a part of it. Coimex team is grateful to Kaya for believing in Coimex.

With his 15 years of experience in software engineering, management and web-based applications, it is not wrong to say that Tansel Kaya is an expert in bringing technical and non-technical teams and customers together.

Educational background of Kaya is full of top schools. Being among the top ten graduates of German Highschool of Istanbul, Kaya got his bachelor’s degree from Boğaziçi University Department of Computer Engineering with an honors degree. His thesis “Video Conferencing Applications on WinCE Based Wireless Mobile Devices” was focused on video formats, offline/real-time encoding, SIP, RTP and Windows Media Services. He got his master’s degree in Computer Science from Northeastern University and he worked specifically on ad-hoc wireless networks and network security.

In Northeastern University of USA, Kaya worked as a research assistant and he designed a power efficient, low congestion variant of the Dynamic Source Routing Protocol (DSR) based on the exponential back-off window under the supervision of his advisor Prof. Guevara Noubir. His project, funded by Draper Labs, was based on designing and developing a secure multicasting system for disseminating and displaying location information on ad hoc networks using Linux based handheld devices. Meanwhile, Kaya also offered courses such as “Introduction to Computer Science” and “Database Theory”. 
 His field experience, not surprisingly, is full of great achievements as well. Kaya has founded a web-based application development company named Plus v2 in 1999 with his colleagues and they provided services in design, content, hardware and software solutions and multimedia productions. In this company, Kaya was responsible for the supervision of the two-tiered application development projects and he managed projects for nationwide corporations in Turkey such as leading GSM companies like Telsim (Vodaphone), ISPs like Turk.net, Ixir, Vestelnet, NetOne; Portals like Porttakal, Direksiyon, NTVMSNBC and companies like TEB Group and Altinyildiz. Later, in 2002, having seen the potential, TEB (Turkish Economy Bank) Group has acquired the company for 1 million dollars.

He worked as a software solutions architect in Intel between the years of 2006 and 2008. He and his team have achieved the first 802.16e WiMax deployment in collaboration with Fatih Municipality, Istanbul Police Department and Superonline. Having evangelized the adoption of VPro systems in Turkey, Kaya has increased the sales of EPSD platforms by 80% over 3 quarters and he received Turkey Country Award Q4’06 for this achievement.

As a member of the core research team and a shareholder of Flarion Technologies, which was acquired by Qualcomm later, Kaya delivered the first commercial 4th generation OFDM base stations.

When Kaya was working in Airties in 2008 as a product manager, his duties included the design and delivery of the wireless product lines of routers, access points, outdoor units and clients. He was also responsible of project management and customer consultations to major telecommunication companies. Kaya and his team have developed and delivered six new products; two client hardware, two modems and two access points.

Formerly a partner in Armador Technologies who was responsible for software solutions, Kaya’s work was mainly focused on software projects in fields of Smart Cities, Tourism and Cultural Heritage. Additionally, Kaya and his team delivered web-based and wireless network solutions.

As the managing partner of The Mindstone since 2012, Kaya and his team provides blockchain development and consulting services, including software solutions for cryptocurrencies and private blockchains.

It is crystal clear that Kaya’s expertise in the field is nothing like that of another person. We believe that having him as a mentor is a great chance. Therefore, once again, we sincerely thank Tansel Kaya for believing in Coimex Project and leading us on our path to success.