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We are extending our IEO: It won’t end on October 15th, but at the end of the year. Why this is a good thing for all of us (including you), we explain below.

Adapting to the market

Let’s get right to it: A fundraising campaign takes time to develop its full power. We learned that in the best way (see below). And we decided to learn from that — and react.

In the last days, we received numerous signs of interest by high-value investors. They indicated that they see great potential in the future of the COY and its ecosystem. …

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Latoken Customers get a 50% discount on our CoinAnalyst product during the IEO!

Tokenizing all your trading and investing needs.
The COY Token allows you to access CoinAnalyst’s revolutionary AI-based analytics platform which takes a new approach on crypto trading and research.

More Infos here: https://go.latoken.com/29l

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Dear CoinAnalyst Community!

Today, we are delighted to announce that on September 13, 2020, 50% of our ICO hardcap, which amounts one billion COY tokens (CoinAnalysts’ Utility Token), will be burned.

As a result of this process, we will suspend our COY offering on the ExMarkets Exchange for 6 weeks starting from September 13, 2020. The burning of the tokens will be followed by the Initial Exchange Offering (IEO), which we scheduled for September 15, 2020. And last but not least, CoinAnalyst has committed to continuously buy back COYs with 50% of its revenue.

The IEO will start on the 15th of September 2020 and will take place on the LAToken exchange platform for 4–6 weeks. For this reason, CoinAnalyst will suspend its COY offer on the ExMarkets Exchange for 6 weeks. “This is the big chance to still get COYs at a price below one cent on the ExMarkets platform before the IEO starts on September 15th at a price of one cent per COY token,” says Pascal Lauria, CEO of CoinAnalyst. …



Visit www.coinanalyst.tech for more information.

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