Silverado — the final showdown… For bitcoins.

How to profit from a cryptocurrency pump and dump

Pump and dumps are one of the biggest scams in the cryptocurrency industry. They are also one of the quickest ways to make a profit.

Is pump and dump illegal in crypto?

Nope! Cryptocurrency still remains largely unregulated and since the SEC does not class Etherium-like cryptocurrencies as a security, that means anything goes.

Who organizes them?

Groups of investors found mostly on Telegram and occasionally on other social platforms like Discord, WhatsApp, Twitter, and Facebook.

Say you wanted to start your own, how does a crypto pump and dump work?

It is a six-step process.

… and dump

What if you want to participate, but don’t want to start it yourself?

Start by joining a couple of pump and dump Telegram groups — you can find some of them here:

Let’s look at an example

REQBTC had a massive pump and dump few weeks ago.

shilling REQBTC

The strategy

1 Buy, 5 Targets and 1 Trailing Stoploss. Simple but effective.

Signal: before confirming the trade

The beauty of a Trailing Stoploss…

Using a Trailing Stoploss during a pump and dump is honestly like having superpowers.

In conclusion

It involves quick reflexes, automation and a little luck, but you can make more in 30 minutes than most traders do in a month. They’re addicting too. Once you’ve tried one you will wonder how you ever lived without them.

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