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¡Saludos Colombia!

Estamos encantados de anunciar el lanzamiento de nuestro último proyecto :)

Esta integración permite a las personas en Colombia comprar bitcoin en cualquiera de aproximadamente 300 quioscos Punto Pago en el país. Cualquier persona puede utilizar la máquina para comprar bitcoin — la única cosa que necesita es una dirección de correo electrónico y pesos colombianos. Esto se hace el proceso de comprar bitcoin tan fácil como pagar las facturas de servicios públicos o recargar su móvil.

La maquina se muestra el precio de bitcoin en pesos, y un recibo se imprime cuando se complete la transacción. Los…

More and more, chat applications are becoming the go-to app for a number of different daily functions, aside from just messaging friends and family.

And it makes plenty of sense. Messaging mom about directions to the family reunion? Here’s the GPS location and navigation. Talking to your coworker about that presentation? Send him the updated copy.

Now, Telegram’s 100 million users can send, receive, and lock their bitcoin value from within the chat interface by messaging our bot, @tenderwalletbot. The bot is powered by Coinapult’s API, and has all the same features. So when your friend is bugging you about…

Hello Bitcoin World!

Coinapult here. We’re pretty excited about the latest Mycelium Android app update, which offers users the ability to lock any amount of bitcoin not only to USD but now also to EUR and GBP using the Lock Account feature!

And if you lock or unlock more than 15.00 USD/EUR/GBP in total volume before 11:59 PM EST on Sunday, December 28th, you will be automatically entered into the 2015 Coinapult Holiday Giveaway for the chance to win a $500 Grand Prize or $7000 in other bitcoin prizes!!! No email or other information needed!

Just send bitcoins to any…

Earlier this week, Coinapult and Mycelium together announced the newest release for the Mycelium Android app. Mycelium has integrated Coinapult’s conversion API to allow Mycelium users to store both Bitcoin and USD balances directly from their app.

Users can create a Coinapult account within the Mycelium app, and any bitcoins sent to your Coinapult-Mycelium account will be automatically converted to USD.

The launch marks the first time that any user worldwide can access the Bitcoin network while protecting against bitcoin price volatility. Mycelium and Coinapult both see this as a big step for bringing more people into the digital economy.

Hello world! The Coinapult team has been hard at work since our integration with Crypto Capital earlier this year, and we’d like to share some of our latest developments and news with you as well as a little bit about what’s on the horizon.

Integration with Crypto Capital

Earlier this year in May, Coinapult integrated with licensed money transmitter, Crypto Capital. The integration allows users to have their bitcoin wallet and broker seamlessly integrated with their fiat banking services.

This integration also allowed us to reopen our services to the United States!

Fiat deposits and withdrawals between Coinapult and Crypto Capital are automated allowing…

Coinapult would like to announce a change in ownership and management, effective immediately. Coinapult has named Gabriel Sukenik as the new Chief Executive Officer, and the company is now an entity of Rolling Hills International.

Sukenik has been with Coinapult since its inception, becoming its first employee in January 2013 and managing the company’s business development.

The change was made as co-founder and former CEO Ira Miller left the company to focus on open source projects, subsequently recommending Sukenik for the CEO position. “Gabe has a deep understanding of markets and the strengths of cryptocurrencies. …

Published on Jun 1, 2015


The first bitcoin automatic teller machine (ATM) in Panama went live on Monday 25 May at 11:00AM, Eastern Standard Time. It is installed at shipping company Virtual Mall Box’s retail location in the Balboa area of Panama City, Panama.

Bitcoin company, Tigo, will be operating the ATM and chose the location for its relevance in stimulating the global marketplace, especially relating to international e-commerce solutions.

Cindy Zimmerman, founder and CEO of Tigo, said, “We hope the installation of this machine in Panama promotes bitcoin education and accelerates consumer and merchant adoption of bitcoin in Panama, a country in which traditional banking solutions are not feasible for everyone.”

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PANAMA CITY, Panama, 20 May 2015 — Coinapult, a leading Bitcoin broker, market maker, and wallet service provider since 2012, today announced its integration with licensed financial institution, Crypto Capital. The combination of Coinapult’s bitcoin liquidity and Crypto Capital’s bitcoin-friendly banking services creates a seamless solution that enables individuals and businesses to buy, sell, send, and receive bitcoin and fiat.

The alliance allows Coinapult to reopen its services to the United States, a high-priority objective for Coinapult.

With Coinapult’s guaranteed pricing at any volume and Crypto Capital’s ability to immediately receive fiat to private international bank accounts for individuals and…

Today we are happy to announce the full restoration of Coinapult services. Users can now deposit BTC and Lock in addition to withdrawing and Unlocking.

Attack Recap

On March 17th, an unauthorized withdrawal of 150 BTC were made from our hot wallet. We immediately notified our users and took all services offline. Our security team began investigating the attack while a police report was filed, including our initial incidence report.

Despite further in depth analysis, we have not yet been able to determine the specific entry point of the attack. We took extensive measures to protect against this sort of…

Panama City and London, UK March 11th, 2015.

Today, Coinapult and Factom are excited to announce their strategic partnership. Coinapult will leverage the Factom technology to enhance their transparency efforts, and Factom will use Coinapult as an important part of hedging value collected during its factoid software sale.

Factom has selected Coinapult as one of the partners it will use to lock in value contributed to the Factom Foundation during the software token sale.

Coinapult Proof of Reserves

Coinapult selects Factom for record auditing

Coinapult’s token transaction transparency strategy focuses on eliminating trust through cryptography. The Factom technology uses the…


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