How to use bitcoin’s low price to make huge profit?

As you guys might be aware of segwit2X implementation scheduled on August 1st, which is affecting bitcoin prices. There are 16M bitcoins out there, what do you think will happen to them. Chances are nothing happens at all.

Trading prices are result of speculations, be it stocks or bitcoins. You can take advantage of this situation, bitcoin prices are low means you can accumulate more bitcoins than ever before. Prices are up from yesterday, chances are it will go up further.

Also you can make profit right away using Coinbase, here’s how:

  1. Sign up using this invitation link
  2. Coinbase is giving away $10 on signing up with this link. Sign up and buy BTC worth $101($1 for transaction), you’ll get $110.
  3. You can sell your original $100 for USD right away without blocking it.

It is like spending $1 to get $10.

If you want to stay loyal with BTC, you can make higher returns as well.

This is the best time to take risk (before August 1st).

Enjoy the free money!