We are excited to announce that today Coinbase Commerce releases custom branding for all merchants!

We know how important your brand is to your business. It’s important to your customers too!

Consistent branding establishes trust. Branded checkouts lead to higher conversion rates and branded receipts lead to more repeat customers. Trust drives your bottom-line.

To set your branding, go to Settings in your dashboard:

Go to your Settings and scroll down to “Branding”

Add your business name, logo, and brand color.

Your customers see nothing but your brand:

Starting today, Coinbase Commerce merchants can refund payments to their customers directly from their merchant dashboard.

To issue a refund, open the transaction you’d like to refund and select “Refund payment.”

Next, enter your seed phrase and select “Confirm Refund.”

This feature comes directly from feedback sent to us by both our merchants and their customers, and is the next step to making cryptocurrency the easiest way to pay online. We’re just getting started on our path to improving online payments, and your feedback is always valuable to us. If you have an idea for a feature or product enhancement, let us know on twitter @CommerceCB.

Last May, we introduced DAI as a tradable asset on Coinbase. Starting today, Coinbase Commerce merchants can also accept DAI as a form of payment by linking their online storefront to a Coinbase Commerce checkout, or in-person using the point-of-sale interface (both are accessible through the merchant dashboard)¹. For existing Coinbase Commerce merchants, DAI will automatically show up in your checkouts if you have all currencies enabled. Otherwise, you can enable it in the merchant settings menu.

Coinbase Commerce now supports 2 stablecoin currencies: DAI and USDC.

Stablecoins like DAI and USDC provide a less volatile means of storing cryptocurrency…

Starting today, Spanish-speaking merchants and customers will be able to experience Spanish language support on Coinbase Commerce. Anyone using Spanish online can now accept cryptocurrency, pay for goods or services, or donate to charities in their preferred language.

We’re always looking for new ways to make Coinbase Commerce the easiest way to pay online. With over 10% of Coinbase Commerce customers using a Spanish web browser, we’re excited to enable a more natural experience for the millions of customers who checkout with cryptocurrency online.

A partir de hoy, los comerciantes y clientes de habla hispana podrán disfrutar de soporte en…

We’re excited to announce that you can now backup an encrypted version of your seed phrase directly to Google Drive. This new feature creates a secure and persistent backup that is only accessible using Coinbase Commerce. It simplifies the process of sending funds from your Commerce wallet to another wallet or exchange. Now, instead of entering a seed phrase, you can simply link your Google account to Coinbase Commerce to authorize a send.

Coinbase Commerce is the first decentralized non-custodial crypto payment processor — your private keys never touch our servers. This means that no one but you ever has…

Coinbase Commerce is one of the first non-custodial cryptocurrency payment solutions that enables merchants anywhere in the world to accept cryptocurrency payments directly from their customers. We’ve been hard at work the past few weeks and are happy to announce a WooCommerce plugin and a few other new features.

WooCommerce Plugin

For merchants using WooCommerce, one of the most popular eCommerce platforms on the web, it’s now easier than ever to start accepting cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. The widely-used plugin powers more than 28% of all online stores — and all of them now have access to cryptocurrency payments from…

We’re committed to continually rolling out improvements to Coinbase Commerce to help make accepting cryptocurrency as easy as possible. Two weeks ago, we launched several new features to simplify credential management. (Read more here.) This week we’re sharing a few additional features for merchants.

Search for payments

As promised, merchants can now search for transactions using a customer’s payment code. Quickly and easily look up the payment without leaving the Coinbase Commerce interface.

Send test webhook notifications

We’ve heard from developers that they’d like better tools to test their integration. Starting today, you can send a test payload to your preferred endpoint. This allows developers to validate…

We’ve recently released two new features to make managing your account credentials easier.

Earlier this year we announced the launch of Coinbase Commerce as well as the upcoming deprecation of Merchant Tools. After today, merchants using the legacy Coinbase Merchant Tools product will no longer be able to generate new orders to accept bitcoin.

To ensure that our customers are benefiting the most from the latest developments in cryptocurrency, we’re encouraging merchants to migrate to Coinbase Commerce for accepting cryptocurrencies.

What is Coinbase Commerce?

Coinbase Commerce is a new service that enables merchants to accept multiple cryptocurrencies directly into a user-controlled wallet. Our mission at Coinbase is to create an open financial system, so we’ve designed Coinbase…

Cryptocurrencies have made it possible for anyone anywhere in the world to quickly start accepting payments online. Coinbase Commerce is a free non-custodial solution for accepting cryptocurrencies and over the next few months we’ll be shipping new features to help cryptocurrencies succeed as currencies.

We recently shipped a few new features to make payment management a much easier and more intuitive experience for merchants.

Easily identify payments that require more attention

Payment statuses

We’re now surfacing the status of a payment next to the payment code. Unlike credit cards, cryptocurrencies are push payments processed by a decentralized network of computers. …

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