Aeternum, the world’s first science and intellectual property driven ICO, is proud to announce a strategic partnership with GSC Aviation.

But, you all might be questioning — what is GSC Aviation and what do they have to do with Aeternum?

One of the main purposes of Aeternum is the development of innovative industry and GSC has an innovative product for the aviation industry.

French based Genesis Supply Chain Platform (GSCP) has identified an industry where few blockchain solutions exist; the trillion dollar aviation industry.

With his aviation supply chain experience, GSCP CEO Maxime Legros has formed a new project — Genesis Supply Chain Aviation (GSC Aviation). His vision will bring blockchain based solutions to the aviation industry to increase safety, efficiency and bring down costs. “I have thought of GSCP, from the very beginning, as a way to create a virtuous circle in the relationship between suppliers and buyers by improving trust and efficiency in processes

Aircraft accidents due to equipment failure are as high as 22%. Accidents due to human error, a pilot fault or an anomaly in the maintenance represents 57%. One way to minimize accidents is to ensure mechanics have parts that fully meet the requirements of the aeronautical regulatory bodies. GSC Aviation will streamline this process by offering an end-to-end solution to manage the entire process of the supply chain. This solution encompasses automated smart contracts for purchase orders, insurance shipments and RFID tracking technology linked with the blockchain.

GSC Platforms long term goal is to develop its logistic and supply chain technology and services for all major industries such as automotive, rail, energy and pharmaceutical.

With the upcoming launch of the gofundscience platform Aeternum will continue to develop and help innovative solutions worldwide. Solutions that can have a direct impact in our lives and help the world to be a better place.