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Aeternum Ecosystem
Oct 18, 2018 · 2 min read

Crowdfunding is a wonderful opportunity for entrepreneurs, artists and project leads. Unleash your creative juices and receive the financial push you deserve from a pool of interested investors. Some projects end up raising millions of dollars and kick-start their development process with a flourish. GoFundScience is the best solution looking forward. It harmonizes science and welfare and provides deserving scientists, entrepreneurs and project leads with the opportunity to fulfil their dreams, not to mention provide funds to over 1.5 million charities! All this is possible through the Aeternum Fund. Here is how you can invest in the Aeternum Fund:

BitLats is a new cryptocurrency, backed by science-based start-ups and their intellectual property. This is creating an increasing demand for the cryptocurrency which has led an increase in its value. Our platform is open to everyone willing to reap returns off deep science-based project realization. Invest in our projects through BitLats. You will receive an appropriate amount of Aeternum tokens and reap a return on investment as our affiliated projects and ecosystem grow. Smart City is the physical ecosystem for the development of these projects. All goods and service exchanges will be made through this platform by using BitLats. For more details visit our website.

Aeternum Ecosystem

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Our goal is to create a platform, through which every individual will be able to invest in intellectual property rights of scientists around the world.