Bitcoin Cash: Now available on the SmartWallet

On August 1st, after weeks of high expectation within the crypto-community, Bitcoin´s network changes gave way to a new coin: Bitcoin Cash.

coinBR has credited all SmartWallet bitcoin users with Bitcoin Cash. Furthermore, all SmartWallet services now support Bitcoin Cash. Users can buy and sell Bitcoin Cash, pay bills, pay fines, buy airtime…do everything with this brand new coin.

About Bitcoin Cash

Bitcoin Cash was born out of a bitcoin split (fork). It presents itself as an improvement of the original bitcoin, the latter having several issues with its transaction speed. It´s most unique feature is an increase on the original block size limit to 8MB, which means it allows to process more transactions per block.

How to obtain your Bitcoin Cash

If you had bitcoin on the SmartWallet before the bitcoin fork, you have already been credited with your “free” Bitcoin Cash. If you want to obtain Bitcoin Cash, you may simply buy it by signing up to the SmartWallet. Bitcoin Cash is sold under the symbol BCH.

What´s next

Once you have your new Bitcoin Cash, you can use it to pay your bills, pay fines, buy airtime, send money to your friends and family, or simply store it. SmartWallet provides you with the tools to do all these things, and does not charge transaction fees.

If you still have any questions, please feel free to contact us. Our support team is ready to help.