Detailing the historic creation and rise in popularity of the first modern cryptocurrency — Bitcoin — and beyond

With the seemingly infinite number of cryptocurrencies which exist in today’s market, you must’ve wondered what the first cryptocurrency actually was. If you’ve been following the crypto industry for some time now, or have done your own research, then you’ll know that Bitcoin is considered to be the first modern cryptocurrency in today’s new digital asset industry — but have you ever wondered how it all came to be? From its early inception in 2009 to its meteoric rise in value by 2017, a lot had to have happened in those years for the currency to become what it is…

Exploring the potential use cases of blockchain technology in voting

Voting for anything is one of the most important ways to ensure fair representation and equal voice when making decisions. The larger the implications for each decision, the more people who participate in the process. As such, it can become difficult to accurately and efficiently keep track of each voter’s eligibility and legitimacy to participate. On top of this, there are also other issues including lack of transparency and potential corruption which discourages many from voting at all. Let’s learn about how blockchain can address these issues to optimize how we vote.

This is not financial investment advice.
This article will…

Recalling some of the biggests crypto busts that have made their way into headlines during 2018

Let’s face it, most cryptocurrency or blockchain projects will end up failing before they even launch. As discouraging as this fact may seem, it hasn’t stopped countless projects from trying their hand at becoming a legitimate force within the cryptocurrency market. As such, there have been many projects that have emerged within this past year and failed, some in pretty spectacular fashion as well. So let’s go over five of some of the most catastrophic crypto fails that we’ve seen in 2018.

This is not financial investment advice. …

Going over how blockchain technology can be applied to further develop the internet of things

We’ve said it time and time again and will continue to do so: blockchain technology has the potential to significantly revolutionize the way a lot of things work, including internet connectivity. As the world continues to innovate and globalize, connectivity has never been easier and we are starting to see more and more things have the ability to connect to the internet. So what would happen if we introduced the capabilities of blockchain technology to the equation? Well, let’s go over that and more, as we discuss how blockchain can be applied to further develop the internet of things.


iOS and Android mobile apps released for the CoinBundle crypto investment platform. Buy and trade bundles on-the-go.

So you love the CoinBundle investment platform on web and on mobile browser, and until now, there has not been a mobile app dedicated to CoinBundle. It is with great excitement that we are able to offer a mobile app on iOS and Android OS for all of your mobile bundle trading activities. We hope you find the tools and accessibility options useful.

Install CoinBundle mobile app now: iOS or Android

Features for the iOS and Android apps:

  • Quickly and easily check the current prices of different bundles
  • View your portfolio balance live on the go
  • Deposit money to your wallet using bank card or other cryptocurrencies…

Explaining the best moves to make in order to effectively recover from a market crash

Any kind of market crash has the potential to completely change the way that you invest your money if of course, you don’t properly prepare for it. Nobody wants to deal with them, but it’s just a fact that these market crashes are inevitable and a part of everyone’s investing career. Yet, we time and time see a fair share of investors who come out of a market crash in relatively good shape. It’s no secret how they do so either, so let’s go over what needs to be done to properly recover from a market crash.

This is not…

Explaining how to handle a market crash when it occurs and what to do in order to come out of it alive

You never want to deal with them, but they’re just a part of life: market crashes. Investing can be pretty eventful if you’re in the right industry, so when it comes to cryptocurrency and blockchain, you can most definitely expect your own fair share of market movements and price fluctuations. As such, you should also be prepared to take on a market crash, irrespective of how much you have already prepared for it. It’s easy to get lost and panic when a market crash hits, so let’s go over what you should be doing to thrive during a market crash.

An explanation of how to prepare for, and handle the emergence of a market crash

The world of investing is pretty eventful, to say the least. It seems as though a majority of today’s markets for many asset classes are moving at unprecedented rates, which should always keep us on our toes. Especially when it comes to the crypto market, you have to always be ready for whatever may come your way and all that it entails. As such, there are specific ways in which you can prepare yourself for the next inevitable market crash while also actively trading. A good investor is prepared for the next bull market, but an expert investor is always…

Analyzing how certain market conditions can impact the way that investors behave

If you’ve had experience investing in any asset class, the you’ll know that there are certain market conditions that can impact the way that investors behave. Let’s face it, a lot of personal finance management has to with investor psychology and reacting to specific market trends. So when it comes to bull and bear markets, you can most definitely expect to see some common trends in behavior by a majority of investors who are simply reacting to how the entire market is performing. …

Explaining what stablecoins are and why they’re so important for the cryptocurrency industry

With the seemingly endless amount of coins entering the market each year, we are beginning to see various categories of digital assets emerge. One of these classifications of coins is known as stablecoins, and although you may see it as ironic that a cryptocurrency is labeled as being “stable,” that’s actually exactly what they are known for. Stablecoins make up a unique category of coins in the market that are poised to bring stability and trust back into the cryptocurrency market. …

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