If you traded in the crypto market during the 2017/2018 period, you are aware of the upheavals the market experienced. Many exchanges during that period were offering insane incentives to attract more clients to their platforms. One of the biggest problems that came about in light of this was fake trading volumes. Through fake volumes, the platforms aimed to create an illusion of ostensible health, in the process attracting more customers and maintaining high exchange volumes. As you can imagine, many people fell for this trick. However, this is no longer the case.

Exchanges with genuine trading volumes are enjoying…

Bithoven.com is an avant-garde cryptocurrency trading platform launched at the outset of 2019. Despite its early evolvement, it has already proven to be a reliable and secure trading platform, where any crypto trader, either a newbie or professional, can take advantage of a multitude of trading tools and high liquidity in the order book.


Fundamentally, Bithoven.com allows any person to start trading immediately after registration. Even more, the crypto exchange runs an ongoing promo campaign where any registered user can get 100 DOGE for free, henceforth traders are able to test the functionality of the trading platform, its intuitive UI…

CoinCheckup served more than 100 ICOs with our marketing services over the last year. We’ve gained a lot of knowledge on what works and what doesn’t work and we’re happy to share this “Ultimate ICO marketing guide” with you where we share our “lessons learned” so you can save yourself some time. We’re confident you can get value out of this guide and use it to maximize investment for your ICO and grow your success.

1) Gain the trust of investors with your whitepaper

Creating a Whitepaper for your ICO is the first step for any new Blockchain project. Your whitepaper should provide all details of your ICO project…

In the field of logic, a great deal of study has gone into the difference between the concepts of correlation and causation. This has been especially important as it plays a critical role in the way in which we understand the world around us, including the forces that help to dictate the popularity of particular cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and its value.

Before we examine this in a little more detail, it’s important to differentiate between the two phenomena. Causation means that B follows because A occurred. So, for example, when a wind blows more strongly, the sails on a windmill…

If you’re like me and into cryptocurrencies for a while, ICOs probably make you “moan” as much as me. I mean (most of them) just don’t make any sense at all from an investment point of view.

Anyhow, I find myself visiting ICO sites and this is what usually happens.

What do we have here? Ohh what is this?

Another ICO that presents: “Just an idea”, “Just a concept with potentially some potential”.

Or even worse, It’s a: “there’s no purpose at all to the actual ICO or Token but our soon to be released, or maybe one day to…

If you’re reading yourself into cryptocurrencies or if you’re in the Crypto space for a while you can’t open your Facebook, Twitter, Google or Medium anymore without reading about the latest amazing ICOs.

Well I’m a fan! But I’m not a fan!

The concept is great, how startups use it these days, on the other hand, is most of the time, heavily disappointing. Anyhow, let’s talk about the concept and how it makes possible for everyone to invest their money where the top 0.04% of the world puts their money.

ICOs make it possible for everyone to invest their money…

When we brainstormed about building pumpdump.coincheckup.com there was one recurring question: “Should we actually build this site?”

Personally, we don’t believe in Pump & Dump schemes at all; we never wasted our time on it; We think it’s unethical and it certainly doesn’t help Crypto.

On the contrary, we believe it’s CoinCheckup’s mission to make Crypto more transparent.

“Pump & Dump is a part of crypto”. It’s a fact, it’s reality, it’s what happens in crypto, whether we like it or not.

Somebody has to show what’s going on in the “crypto pump and dump scene”. …

We’re proud to launch the first part of CoinCheckup’s redesign, after months of hard work: Analyzing our users, 100’s of design iterations and some tricky coding, we made it. We’re finally ready to give you the user experience that lets you consume all the data on CoinCheckup easily. We believe that no design is ever finished but this is a nice start 😉

It’s our mission to make crypto more transparent. To achieve this we need to help you research crypto easier, faster and give you the best information available.

The problems we have noticed with our old design

The first thing that shocked Raul (CoinCheckup’s UI/UX designer), was…

Access to valid and transparent information for the crypto space has been the subject of heated debate over the last few days

Increased transparency is one of the things we need the most, and this is our main goal here at CoinCheckup. In fact, it is one of the most important reasons that determined us to start this platform in the first place.

Lately, we’ve seen a lot of online chatter about the stats and information that some crypto platforms offer, and how providing inaccurate circulating supplies, market caps or rankings can lead to a flawed view of the market…


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