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  1. You will now pay less on transaction fees when you trade more.
  2. Pay as low as 0.04% only once you reach DCX Bitcoin.

Prior to September 22, 2020, the trading fees on CoinDCX was 0.1% irrespective of the volume of trades made by our users. This meant that traders who often trade in large quantities would get no advantage or rebate for the trades that they made on CoinDCX.

Fret no more!

CoinDCX announces DCX Club, a trader-friendly Fee Tiering structure for all our users across the globe.

All the users on our platform will now be a part of one of the 10 different…


  1. The Indian community should collectively try to expose fake crypto projects and scam exchanges.
  2. The main challenge of Indian crypto ecosystem is the absence of a regulatory framework in India.

We are back with the tenth feature of the #CryptoSpotlight interview series. In our last feature, we had Er. R. Vinothkumar who shared his thoughts on why the community should focus more on producing crypto educational content in mainstream Indian languages.

And, today’s guest of honor is Ashish Gautam who through his…


  1. The Indian community has to work harder to spread more awareness and save the budding crypto enthusiasts from falling prey to all sorts of scams.
  2. The role of mainstream Indian languages is huge in taking the crypto adoption movement to its fullest potential and the community should focus more on producing vernacular educational/awareness content to reach a larger audience.

The ninth feature of the #CryptoSpotlight is here and today our guest of honor is Er. R. Vinothkumar. He is the founder of Tamil BTC and…


  1. Trade for X amount. Get fee rebate for 2X trading volume.
  2. Insta sees 2X growth in users since the Supreme Court’s decision.


Grab the biggest trading offer in town as our flagship product, Insta turns 2. We are running a week-long exclusive offer wherein users will receive guaranteed 2X rewards. The offer is applicable to both existing and new users. There’s no minimum purchase value and users can avail the offer by buying crypto for any amount they wish.


  1. Buy any amount of crypto on Insta between August 15 to August…


  1. For the ecosystem to go bigger and better, the industry needs new players, not just in terms of projects but also in terms of the core team involved in the project.
  2. India could rebrand itself as a hub of tech and talent. The hub of startups as international companies are keen to invest in India.

We are back with the eight feature of the #CryptoSpotlight interview series. In our previous feature, we had…


  1. The biggest hurdle is the Indian Government’s aversion to digital assets. As soon as a regulatory framework is put in place, we will see a tremendous influx of traditional investors wanting a piece of digital assets.
  2. We will see more regulations, increased adoption, and digital assets becoming a household asset class.

The seventh feature of the #CryptoSpotlight series is here and today our guest of honor is Anoush Bhasin. He is…


  1. To serve the needs of the Indian Crypto community, exchanges have been pushed to innovate with new technologies like P2P trading, advanced trading features, and improvements in user security.
  2. There will be more investments, job openings, and financial inclusion.

We are back with yet another feature of the #CryptoSpotlight series. In our last feature, we had team Crypto News Hindi with us. …

CoinDCX is a leading crypto exchange known for providing deep liquidity and exciting trading products to the crypto traders. Extending their offering for traders yet again CoinDCX is adding liquid staking which will enable a passive income on specific tokens for all traders with no technical knowledge. The product will be available to all the registered users of CoinDCX Holding and trading their crypto’s on the exchange platform.

CoinDCX has launched Stake on August 7, 2020, to help our users earn passive income by holding assets on CoinDCX along with the activities they currently do on the exchange.

How many…


  1. क्रिप्टो न्यूज़ हिंदी ने हाल ही में बिटकॉइन के वाइट पेपर को आसान हिंदी भाषा में बदला है ताकि भारतीय क्रिप्टो समुदाय बिटकॉइन और इसकी तकनीक को और गहराई से समझ सके और सही जानकारी ले कर क्रिप्टो की दुनिया में सही निर्णय ले कर आगे बढ़ सकें।
  2. भारत सरकार का क्रिप्टो को रेगुलर करना बहुत जरुरी है ,इस से क्रिप्टो को और ज्यादा बढ़ावा मिलेगा।क्रिप्टो एक्सचेंज को भारतीय क्रिप्टो समुदाय…


2020 will be remembered as a landmark year in the crypto journey of India. It was in March of this year that the Supreme Court passed a ruling that turned the tables in the favour of cryptocurrency exchanges. The top court of the country overturned the trading ban on banks placed by the Reserve Bank in 2018. While trading of cryptocurrency was always legal, it was not allowed for banks to provide services to crypto companies, thus making it impossible for investors to trade in crypto-to-INR pairs. …


@coindcx : Simplest way to trade cryptos across various global exchanges

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