The Most Useful Tool For Digital Money Evaluation You Will Ever Find

Yes, that sounds like a very bold claim but the fact remains that there is still a lot of information about digital money that is yet to be released. There is an increasing amount of information being accumulated and published about digital money but much of it still remains elusive, either as knowledge or as unexplored territory.

These articles aim to create consistency in measuring digital money systems with the goal of simplifying processes. Abstracting methods for assessing value can create deeper or broader methods resulting in better information.

The Problem….

There is a lack of standardized methodology for assessing the value of a digital money system. There are even discrepancies in describing the nature of value or determining success.

The Solution…

Accuracy and robust insight can be generated using a consistent group of values that are quantifiable. Applying the same measures to a different group of digital money systems will give us indicators of potential value and future success.

The Tool…

The Three Pillars of Digital Money Viability is a model for assessing the potential viability of a deconomic system. Using these pillars it is possible to assign consistent values to the attributes of a digital money system. Using these values it becomes possible to perform comparative analysis of digital money systems.

This method is simple and powerful. It offers flexibility in how it is applied but creates a consistent system of measure that can generate consistent and useful results. Using this method it is possible to quantify the value of a complete digital money ecosystem resulting in an evaluation of viability and success.

Here is a link to the tool:

The Three Pillars of Digital Money Viability

Now that you have it what will you do with it?

Do you want to see this tool applied to real digital money projects? This tool shows the true value of digital money systems from Bitcoin to Chain of Points to Referral Coins and beyond.


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