So I am that guy,

The one that you’d admire because I’ve took my balls in my hands to start a Business.

The one that is getting paid nothing but that loves to spoil others because we only live once.

The one that can talk hours about the glamorous side of Start-up life.

The one that aspires to inspire others to take risk and take a leap, just because it will make you feel alive.

The one that feels there is a bigger purpose in life, and to give back to society.

The one that will be the heart of the of party.

The one that will take the stress and burden of others, just so they can have peace of mind.

The one that will do all he can to make someone feel important and smarter.

But I am also that guy

The one that lives in an month to month apartment.

The one that is stressed out of his mind, but will bottle it in.

The one that misses the 9 to 5 routine.

The one that is hanging by a thread.

The one that doesn’t get enthused when there are good news.

The one that can’t project himself in the future, because he knows that tomorrow all can go up in smoke.

The one that will make you sad, because he’ll not open up to you.

The one that feels terribly lonely.

It’s great to feel admired because you are building something, but the downsize is even greater. Make sure that you have strong foundations before you start anything bigger than you.