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Nowadays millions of people who play e-sports and they spend most of their time in playing video games. Many cybersports like league of legends, counter strike, DOTA 2 Etc. get attraction of people who are interested in e-sports or electronic sports. E-sport or cybersport is a form of competition among multiple player that is facilitated by electronic media. Many disabled people were not take part in many sports and physical activities so to overcome these problems e-ports was introduced. Cyber-sports removes this restriction for disabled people and provide them a platform to play games and show their skills in e-sporting world. Community of e-sports player increases day by day because of its importance towards mankind.

HuntBet Portal

How it is different?

HuntBet ( is like other e-sports but have unique features, in HuntBet you place betting on sports. It is totally decentralized, that’s mean your data is secure and your rewards are also secured. HuntBet is different from other cybersports because it provides Tournament broadcasting, live betting, gaming devices and much more to play. The best about HuntBet is you can check your transactions and payments on your own. We can say that there is no fraud and payment delays in HuntBet.

Reliable platform

HuntBet is very innovative and it uses ethereum smart contract for placing bets. As we know that no one has control over HuntBet ( platform so we are safe from high transaction fees, many betting sites who charged high fees for transaction but HuntBet give their users a safe and user friendly platform to place their bets and play games on electronic media. Due to decentralization of HuntBet their platform is safe from hack attacks so the amount that users win from playing games and betting are safe.

Automatic Payment System

Almost all betting sites have manual payment system, they send payments to their users manually so there is a possibility of payment delay on these sites. HuntBet is totally different from these sites, it introduces automatic payment system to avoid payment delays. When the bet is placed smart contract automatically receive information and then send payment to the user automatically.

So the biggest problem of online betting is solved by HuntBet, people place betting to get rewards as early as possible but unfortunately their payment delays due to manual payment system. This is the thing that a player hate most about e-sport sites. But HuntBet ( introduce new system to overcome this problem and to make happy all players. Automatic payment system help a lot in transferring fast amount to winners.

Rewarding System

The main reason why e-sport attracts people to place bet and play games is rewarding or sharing a big portion of money to users. This will turned hobby of people into paid job by giving rewards. Developers spends a lot of money just to get attraction of players and money is the only thing that attracts people to do everything so developers make different strategies like bonuses, rewarding, referral systems Etc. HuntBet ( also has strategies to get attraction of players in the form of Jackpot. Jackpot is the amount that is received by HuntBet from players who placed bets. Every player can win jackpot and play for jackpot.

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