Indorse: Safest Social Network Platform

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Safety is very big issue in the field of social networking nowadays. Every person who are using social networking sites facing this problem and people are now getting fed up from this issue. Social networks where we can communicate with our loved ones and share our pictures and important documents with them are no more secure due centralization.

Hacking of Account for illegal use

Social networks like Instagram, Google, Snapchat and Badoo Etc. on which we spend our time to share data with our friends and family. We heard most of the time that someone hack these social accounts and use them for a wrong cause. Many cases are reported against this and the one who is the owner of that account face many problems due to hacking of his account. People hack account just to use them for illegal or wrong purpose.

Secure Platform for Data Sharing

So Indorse ( team decided to introduce a social network platform which is totally secure and user friendly. Indorse come up with an idea of decentralization in their platform for social networking. They introduce a platform where a user is the owner of their data, no central power is there who control their data. The best thing of Indorse ( is that developers have no access on user’s data which is very attractive for people who love to use social network sites. We all know that social network is become the most important part of our lives so we should need a safe and secure platform for sharing of our data to our loved ones.

Earning from Reputation

Indorse ( not only secure for data sharing, you can also earn a handsome amount by sharing data with others, how? This is very simple, you just need to share data and in result you get some amount which you can withdraw later. Basically indorse is about sharing your experience with others and you will get some amount from reputation. This reputation depends on user’s qualification, quality of sharing stories and user’s profession.

Indorse solve all these problems which are related to account hacking, data stolen, data lost Etc. It introduces a platform which have had ability to overcome these current problems so be a part of indorse community and share your data with your loved ones in a secure way and earn as much as you can.

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