Having worked for almost a year on the crypto payment products, we have finally come to introducing the crypto payment gateway. You can now accept payment is FIAT and multiple cryptos regardless of what kind of business you run, be it an online shop or anything else.

From the technical perspective, it means that you can pass the information about the payment (the client’s ID, the sum, etc.) via API and we will process this payment and pass it back to your app. …

Listing your tokens on BestRate is a relatively new service that we have recently launched. It gives your users a possibility to buy your tokens for EUR, USD, BTC, ETH and many other cryptos that we support.

There is another service in the market that offers similar options — Bancor Network. However, there are some major benefits that help our product differentiate from the one offered by Bancor. In this article, we are going to compare BestRate and Bancor listing and highlight the features that make our service a much better solution for crypto projects.

1. Price

Bancor: the service doesn’t charge…

The key factor of a successful ICO is listing your token on a huge exchange platform once the fundraising is complete. But why is that? What options does listing a token provide you with and what advantages you may gain? Let’s find out.

Why list a token

Token listing gives a project 2 main benefits.

  • Mass audience outreach. If you have a really cool product and list your token on a huge platform such as Binance, you come out to a very broad audience in no time and get a chance to instantly gain a very big customer base. …

When you create a service that is meant to help people, you always think about the way you can do even more for your fans and partners. That is why many companies nowadays create affiliate programs and partnership agreements. If the product you make is worth spreading and the market loves it, there is no fraud in creating a network of your whistleblowers. Here at BestRate we have started to work on the Affiliate Program since the launch and are continuously implementing new features.

What is an affiliate program

BestRate Affiliate program is a simple way to earn some additional money for promoting links. The…

BestRate was founded to change the way people use cryptocurrencies and to remove the barriers between users and blockchain technology.

The difficulty of conducting transactions and transfers was one of these barriers. But we managed to reduce this barrier and give people the opportunity to buy what they want using the cryptocurrency they want or get paid in a similar manner.

This October we introduced the joint project with one of the leading Blockchain conferences — Beyond Blocks. A week later after the first conversations, the fully working Business Payout page was created. We have made some design improvements to…

ShapeShift, one of our main partners, is one of the eldest OTC platforms in the cryptocurrency space and many other services rely on the exchange technology that it provides. Some of its partners simply use the Skeleton tool to put the generated code onto their websites, others, such as Jaxx, Exodus and our service BestRate use API for deeper customization. But regardless of the integration method, they all now have to look for another solution.

Starting from November 1st, ShapeShift implements mandatory KYC procedure for its users which complicates the life for its partners as the new rules apply to…

Teams of our two projects have been working closely since the very beginning. During the MyWish ICO campaign, marketing specialists from BestRate have made a great contribution in reaching the hard-cap. From that time, we continue to work closely in terms of digital marketing campaigns for more than a year now.

Our technical teams were in contact and helped each other in developing better blockchain solutions for both smart-contract development and payment solutions. MyWish was one of the first clients for BestRate’s Token Distribution product.

Today we announce that we are signing up the strategic partnership alliance. Vladimir Tikhomirov, CEO…

Launched in October 2017, our service was initially designed to be the aggregator of exchange platforms and OTCs. Having successfully worked for a year and gained tons of experience, we now want to share our plans for the upcoming months.

The OTCs that our service is based on have many flaws and deficiencies. The exchange platforms are not perfect either. Now that ShapeShift, one of our core partners, implements mandatory KYC, we’ve decided that it’s time to design our own technology that will eliminate the deficiencies of existing solutions.

OTCs’ disadvantages

When converting currencies via an OTC, you switch them between your…

Investing Online, one of the well-known rating websites, has written a review of our service. We do appreciate the work that the authors have done and we will go through the main advantages and questionable points that they have mentioned.

Aggregator of exchange platforms

First of all, we’d like to explain the technology that stands behind all our products.

Typically, when you need to sell an altcoin and buy another one you can do this via an OTC or an exchange platform. However, both of these options have their drawbacks.

OTC’s disadvantages

  • No transparency. You cannot know beforehand how big will be the fee…

Big transactions happen on a constant basis through BestRate. Here is another live example:


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