Crypto Trading… Information Overload

Do I invest in cryptocurrency instead of stock? Bitcoin or Ethereum, which one? What about the other 1,500 cryptocurrencies? How do I buy? Which one is valuable? Is it a utility token or a security token? What is the difference?

2,680,000 is the number of results that Google generates when searching “should I invest in cryptocurrency” and 1,350,000 when searching “should I invest in bitcoins.”

No wonder why most people’s eyes gloss over and are confused the minute they hear someone talking about the cryptocurrency space.

With all the noise and information out there, how do you know which source to refer to? What information is solid and trustworthy, versus just a bunch of chatter? Price fluctuations occur all the time, but why? How does one invest while mitigating their risk in such a new, volatile market?

The first challenge is just gaining a basic understanding of the industry, which is hard enough. Once that has been achieved, now you face the uphill battle of information overload, unreliable data, bad actors and market manipulation, and unsophisticated tools.

In all honesty, “the cryptocurrency industry needs a single source of truth” and founder Jeremy Born of CoinGenius has found the solution.

CoinGenius is an intelligence engine that will aid in the daily management of cryptocurrency, simplifying your investment decisions and providing crypto traders with an objective, informational edge. For both individual currencies and the market, CoinGenius will utilize advanced AI machine-learning models in conjunction with over 100 different unique crypto-data signals to:

1) Provide a better understanding of the data points that influence prices, and

2) Help predict coin prices

In our endeavors to become an ICO, we will do our best to provide novice investors with the information they seek to better understand the industry and price fluctuations, while providing intelligent information to experienced investors.

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