NEAR Certified Entrepreneur — Week 4 Reflection

Jared (Co-Founder): The end of this week also closes the first month of being a part of the NEAR Certified Entrepreneur Program. This week I spent a lot of time completing the mock-up designs for the UI/UX of our MVP. Token exchanging, liquidity pools, DAO proposal voting and the send features of the platform have been represented via Canva designs. The DEX design is familiar yet tailored to the Coingruence brand. The send feature displays our Fintech P2P functionalities that are quite extensive. Users will be able to send and request tokens between one another like popular fintech mobile apps. Create their own profile with a pfp, view all non-private transactions between friends, view non-private transactions of anyone in the network. Users will also be able to see their crypto and nft holdings separated by the specific asset. Our dev is still working on our MVP and Tyler has been researching thoroughly. I’m looking forward to what’s to come as Coingruence continues to mature.

Tyler (Co-Founder): Work really ramped up this week for me. Research has been kicked into high gear, particularly on pre-ICO processes, DAO structures and legality, venture capital and fundraising, and whitepaper creation. We have moved beyond the litepaper stage as we can discuss a great deal of our platform in technical detail, so I have started creating the foundation of our whitepaper. Further moves were made this week regarding our legal business structure as well. Jared has done an immense deal of work on our designs this last week-plus, and it really shows. Tomorrow marks the end of our first month in the NCE program and I couldn’t be more excited to see what comes next for Coingruence.

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