Coinhub AMA Recap with Endless Battlefield

On January 24, Coinhub held an AMA with Endless Battlefield and had Steven, the CMO and EVP of Endless Battlefield as our speaker.

Here’s the important Q&A on the AMA session.

1. Could you please tell us about Endless Battlefield?

Our project started in July 2021. After five months of development we have launched the 1.0 version of the game on Steam. Version 1.0 is limited to the arena gameplay in FPs mode. Players will fight alone or in teams in the open map, and the winning player or the winning team will be rewarded with tokens and points. Soon we will launch the Metaverse version and our mobile game at the end of March.

In the Metaverse version, players can freely play the game on a planet-sized map, interacting with all elements of the map. Players can also build,collect and fight freely, and form alliances to occupy cities. We want to create a second life for players in the game, which is also the essence of the Metaverse.

2. Can you tell us about the”partnership”and supporters of the Endless Battlefield project?

We have too many partners.You can find their list on our official website.

In addition to bringing us financial help, our partners have also provided a lot of help for our community operation and promotion. The most famous of our partners are BAF Capital and LD Capital, who not only brought us a lot of financial help but also helped us find many other partners. BAF Capital, in particular, helped us build our own community out of nothing. Before IDO, we will also update our team member information and consultant list on the official website. Our advisors have very strong influence in the blockchain field. Please look forward to it.

3. Can you provide some information about your Roadmap and how is Endless Battlefield progressing s far?

We plan to launch our metaverse version in Q2 this year, and add more interactive elements and a more complete PVE system in Q3 and Q4. Everything is progressing well so far.

4. Can you please explain what the main problem you have solved. and any new problems that were anticipated before?

The main problem before was funding. A lot of institutions don’t agree with our valuation, they think we are too expensive. Therefore, we chose to develop the game first, and then raise funds after the completion degree is higher. After that, we really got a lot of institutions to recognize our valuation. Other issues are technical, but for our team, these are easy to solve. We have the best game development team and blockchain contract engineers.

5. What are your goals in the future?

For me personally, I hope that through the efforts of myself and the team, more people will accept the concept of chain games and P2E.

More generally, as we all know, most of the current chain games only focus on how to improve the “EARN” in P2E instead of “PLAY”. This is not in line with our vision. We wanted to make a game that had both gameplay and EARN. This can make more people, especially players of traditional games, accept blockchain and blockchain games.

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