Skycoin, the Third-Generation Cryptocurrency Building A New Internet, Announces Updates

Skycoin, the third-generation cryptocurrency of alternative P2P project Skywire, announces several updates, including a new mobile wallet, new logo and site revamp to reflect its ever-evolving branding and design. Approaching its fifth year of development, Skycoin continues to pursue a “new Internet” under an overarching goal to implement Bitcoin’s original vision and address its underlying problems.

October 26, 2017 Zug, Switzerland: One of the oldest crypto projects in development, Skycoin is an infrastructure project rooted in the basic founding concept of Bitcoin: decentralization. Unlike the peers of its time, it was not forked from Bitcoin nor is it merely another ETH-based token. Instead, Skycoin was built using a completely original and unique codebase, featuring a revolutionary consensus algorithm dubbed “Obelisk” that bore none of the PoW/PoS similarities of most other alts, eliminating the need for miners and operating instead on a Web of Trust.