How CoinJob is going to change the “gig economy”

CoinJob is a distributed marketplace using Jobi, an Ether-based token. Learn more at

Anyone who engages in the gig economy today knows the following:

  1. Talent is not guaranteed
  2. Fees are high
  3. Arbitration is time consuming and expensive

Enter CoinJob, the first crypto-token based labor marketplace for tasks that can be completed from the comfort of your computer. Coinjob solves the above problems in the following ways:

Emphasis on high-quality talent:

CoinJob will initially target tasks requiring substantial talent in the field of software development, app development, and programming. We will ask initial workers to complete a competency test, upon completion of which, they will be granted a portion of Jobi, our Ethereum-based crypto-token. In this way, initial task-givers will feel secure that only top talent exists on our platform.

Lower fees:

Because of automatic arbitration and a lack of interchange fees, CoinJob can charge substantially less in fees than its competitors. Furthermore, a reserve of Jobi for arbiters to “mine” allows us to complete arbitration at literally no cost to the company.

Automatic Arbitration:

We are changing the game on arbitration. When a task-giver is unsatisfied with work-product on our platform, the job description and work product will be automatically redacted of key information and sent out to a random assortment of users, who will be compensated in Jobi for adjudicating a decision on the matter. If a majority of users determine that the assignment was completed with in the bounds of the agreement, the funds will be released from the escrow account they were stored in.

All three of these are reasons why CoinJob can be competitive in the marketplace. We look forward to your support and feedback.


President, CoinJob