Trading Business can start with Offline ?

Making your cryptocurrency startup business even more secured with escrow web application. Security is freaking about to start this type of trading business. Everything can be taken care of cytocurrency exchange script — Coinjoker.

Coinjoker — Top traders & enterpreneurs recommended platfrom to run your secured trading website with multiple features. Owning an one of the top success trading website is making your startup life with more profitable.

How Coinjoker — Cryptocurrency Exchange Software Works For you?

Online Trade :

Buy and Sell bitcoin online mode with enabled cyptocurrency escrow application. Once received a currency payment from buyers then seller will release the bitcoin to buyer’s wallet which is already escrow by seller.

Offline Trade :

Buy/Sell bitcoins locally with direct money or dollar. Traders can meet with each other in their respective local place and exchange their Coins & Currency.

Dispute Resolution:

If seller doesn’t release cryptocurrency to buyer after made a payment then buyer can post dispute against seller. EscrowAdmin will deal with them and release the bitcoin & currency.

Special packages for cryptocurrency exchange trading success

Coinjoker reveals the great startup business package — Special Business Smoothier Addon Integration is a seamless process to start the cryptocurrency exchange website.

Multi-Signature Wallet Integration : Helping out with the integration of secure bitcoin wallet to build in your trading platform to have transaction in safe zone. Binding Escrow Application :

Escrow binding application protects to hang the funds, gives a path when seller or buyer fails to act their Online & Offline trade not upon their trust & plays a scam.

Dual Authentication With CSRF:

Dual authetication with CSRF places a role to have an eye security purpose to make the transaction fulfilled by both (buyer and seller ) participators in cryptocurrency trading.

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