Coinlegs API

We’re creating a trading ecocsystem which will include mainly technical and fundamental analysis, advance algorithms, content sharing, backtesting and autotrading. Our technical infrastrusture is being build for autotrading with Coinlegs API, it’s just starting point for us :)

Coinlegs API ise ready for you. As a premium user, you can use Coinlegs API for your autotrading activities. After you create alerts and custom signals on Coinlegs Web or Mobile App, you can start to use Coinlegs API. You can receive the alerts/custom signals/Market Place Signals via your http end point instantly when Coinlegs detects

Live Alerts

You can instantly receive the alerts, custom signals,market place signals by specifying an endpoint. Visit Coinlegs Github page to learn how to implement client application with C#

You can set your HTTP End Point and which alerts/custom signals you want recieve at “Profile” page on

You can learn how to use Coinlegs API for live data by checking our simple client implementations

C# Implementation

Learn more about Coinlegs

📍 Website | Twitter| Telegram| LEGS Token Telegram | LEGS Web Site



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