Coinlegs Dolphin v1

4 min readMay 19, 2021

Dolphin is a machine learning project which predicts the next move of price by using technical analysis detections. It is trained with artificial neural network every day to keep it up to date then it predicts the moves with probabilities every hour.

Which exchanges does Dolphin support?
Binance / USD Markets

How many features does Dolphin use while training?
51 Features and more than 10M data!

Which features does Dolphin use for predictions?
In machine learning projects, this question’s answer is so valuable and it’s the most valuable information of Coinlegs. It’s our special and private :)

What excatly Dolphin has learned?
I spent a lot time for deciding what Dolpin should learn? Price Up or Down. Ok. But 1% rise in an hour, 5% in a day, 10% or 30% in a week?

I tried many combinations to get highest success rate then I decided to teach Dolphin to which assets will make 5% profit / 5% loss in a day.

How can I recieve the Dolphin predictions?
You can create an alert for Dolphin predictions on then Dolphin will send the predictions which confirm your createrias via Dolphin v1 Telegram Bot every hour

You can access the Dolphin links on and create alerts

Dolphin Alerts Page

You can access all predictions on Predictions page on You can also check max profit/loss for all predictions easily

Dolphin Predictions
Dolphin Predictions

What is the success rates?
Answering this question is very difficult. I need to know the probability options. Dolphin gives us probabilities of making profit or loss. We should determine these options to find the highest success rate. For example we can use dolphin signals with those combinations;

PP > 75% and LP < 50%

It means; probability of rising price by 5% in a day should be higher than 75% and falling price by 5% in a day should be lower than 50%

PP: Profit Probability
LP: Loss Probability

You can use your own combinations while trading. For example you can use 90% < PP < 100% and LP < 30%

If you wonder the neural network traning results, I can say that it changes every day, because Dolphin is trained every day with new detections (It started to train in July 2020)

Precision is most important value for us

Precision Value = TP / (TP+FP) = 65%-75%

TP: True Positive
FP: False Positive

This rate is good?
This rate is calculated by using only PP which is higher than 50%. You can create alerts with advance filters on

For example, You have some favorite cryptocurrencies like ETH or XRP then you can create an alert for ETH with PP > 90% and LP < 20% options, finally you can also check other technical analysis detections on easily

Let’s do some calculation

How can we interpret these results? What is the success rate? Does trade count(making 5% profit) / total trade count give us correct rate?

14 * 100 / 20 = 70% (Neural network Training result is calculated with this formula. Dolphin result is between 65%-75%)

Is it correct success rate for traders?
Absolutely no.

This is more consistent rate for traders : 14 * 100 /17 = 82% (Omitting 3 markets which made already profit but less than 5%)

You can also check the success rates by setting the PP and LP on month by month.

How can I subscribe to Dolphin?
You can subscribe to Dolphin on, when you subscribe to Dolphin, you also will be able to access all other technical analysis detections

You cannot be rich easily by using Coinlegs Dolphin but if you use it with other technical analysis detections and also with your trading skills, maybe you can. It completely depends on you and your trading skills.