Coinlegs Signals Market Place

Coinlegs is building a trading ecosystem and one of the most important components in this ecosystem is content sharing. We have completed a very important stage with our software developers. We are happy to present Coinlegs Market Place to you

Now you can create your own signals within the Coinlegs ecosystem and easily share these signals with other traders

You can create your own store on Coinlegs Market Place and easily share your signals with your subscribed traders via Telegram Bot or Coinlegs API. As you can share your signals for free, you can create paid signals and get paid with $LEGS tokens

If you are a noob trader and want to get signals of experinced traders, you can easily subscribe to any signal and get the signals via Telegram Bot or Coinlegs API. So how do you make sure the signals will be successful or unsuccesful?

Don’t worry, Coinlegs analyze the signals shared at Market Place and shows the success rates of signals so that you can easily make a decision before subscribing signals

When you visit Coinlegs Market Place, you will see all signals and success rates. You can also sort the signals by advanced criteria

Black Fish Algorithm

We have another good news for you. We have created two special algorithms called “Black Fish” for you. One of these algorithms was developed for short opportunities and the other for long opportunities and has been tested for 2 months. You can easily subscribe to these signals and get the signals via Telegram Bot. If you have coding knowledge, you can get these signals via Coinlegs API then start your autotrading with Black Fish algorithms

When you visit signal details page, you can reach all details about signal so you can easily make a decision for subscribing signal by checking success rates for five targets and last 500 signals

Click here to learn how to subscribe Black Fish signals

Learn more about Coinlegs

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