Crypto cult surrounding absurd currency

The ICO madness is growing in such an immense proportion, that a new cult has been created out of a nonsensical mysterious crypto currency called Coinless. Many are moving to areas where money has no use, in the belief that Coinless is the end of modern economy.

Since the launch of Bitcoin, the first cryptocurrency with global reach, the trend of investing in ICOs has expanded likewise specially in the last years. Many people have seen this as a new opportunity of investment, and a new opportunity to change their lives.

According to Steve Larensen, MIT mathematician and priest of the Coinless cryptotemple, consumerism became a religion and free market a religious doctrine, but still, in such religion banks made up for an absolutist priesthood that needs to be dismissed. “We are talking Matin Luther here, the realization of democratic speculation. Speculation cannot be exclusive right of stockbrokers and Wall Street jugglers”, said Larensen while handling a toy-car to a monkey.

The Coinless cryptocult reunites more than 3000 members and has Karl Marx, Adam Smith and Milton Friedman as its official founding fathers, allegedly they moved to the amazonian rain forest in Venezuela to retire from the distractions of civilization and dedicate their lives to Coinless. Having developed economic doctrines that would have turned out as dogmas for the enthusiasm and fanaticism, the three came together to develop a theory and a practice that would finally free the individuals of control and controllers, even from the invisible hand of the market, since Coinless is proposed as independent of commodity and production, actually a “faith-based currency”.

The cult begun in Venezuela, current residence and headquarters that Smith, Friedman and Marx. According to the founding fathers of this cryptocurrency they “felt really guilty”, creating theories that when applied by corrupt governments brought the economy of the country to a total disaster, over and over again. “The idea was not to create a cult, but when we saw the robes they costumed for themselves we decided that we should support it”, said Marx when asked about this cult.

Coinless is collected and not exchanged by the members of the cult, who accumulate these virtual tokens in the hope that it will grow such a big and a strong currency, it will someday become independent of what goes on in the financial outside world.

The members also have several festivities and traditions, one is “The Big Pile of Flammable Past”, a great pile of money that members burn after they acquire Coinless, in a symbolic representation of ICO investment and of detachment from the world’s dominant paper currency.

The trend is growing, the members are getting more and more fanatical about next monday’s ICO start (July 24th), and the cult is getting stronger as the financial crypto-revolution is taking place in more and more places, starting in the Venezuelan Amazon rain forest, where a new era, say the members of the Coinless cult, is about to start.




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