Introducing CoinList

Financial services for the next generation of technology companies

3 min readOct 20, 2017


Our decentralized future is coming at us fast.

Every day, new digital assets launch—from protocol tokens to securities—and are burdened with managing both their technological innovation and the logistical, compliance, and regulatory load that can come with creating a financial instrument.

It’s time for a company to provide those financial services so that token creators can focus on what they do best: building world-changing products.

CoinList emerged as a independent company from AngelList and Protocol Labs’ collaboration running the Filecoin token sale. Based on that experience, and thanks to lots of help from both companies, we’re building the leading platform for token-based financial services, starting with being where the world’s best digital assets run their token sales.

For Issuers

CoinList is built, first and foremost, for token creators. Our infrastructure has been used to handle over $850 million in investments, between those made on AngelList and those on CoinList.

We’ve worked to develop an audited, bank-grade compliance process, performing KYC and AML compliance due diligence and investor accreditation, when it’s relevant.

CoinList’s network of investors grows every day, broadening the set of cryptocurrency holders that you can reach by listing on our platform.

And most of all: we’ve created the platform from the ground up to serve digital asset companies. Whether that’s a seamless, white-labeled integration of our ComplyAPI service to handle your compliance workload, or a full-service sale facilitation where we run the whole process, our systems are built with you in mind.

For Investors

CoinList is where the best digital asset companies run their token sales. We select companies to partner with after a rigorous diligence process.

Once a sale has passed that bar and we’re hosting it, you can know you’re investing on a platform that follows all the best practices on remaining compliant and secure.

The Team

Andy Bromberg, CEO & Co-founder. Prior to CoinList, Andy was the CEO and Co-founder of Sidewire. Before that, he co-founded the Stanford Bitcoin Group while studying Mathematics and Computer Science there.

Graham Jenkin, COO & Co-founder. Graham joins CoinList after many years at AngelList where he was COO and product designer. Prior to AngelList, he led UX teams at Google and BofA.

Paul Menchov, CTO & Co-founder. Paul is the Co-founder of Republic, a leading equity crowdfunding platform, and previously was the Head of Fundraising Infrastructure at AngelList.

Joshua Slayton, Co-founder. Joshua has started four companies, most recently joining AngelList as the Founding CTO in 2010. He’s been a crypto fanatic and promoter since discovering bitcoin five years ago.

Brian Tubergen, Co-founder. Prior to CoinList, Brian was the director of product at AngelList. He led the team responsible for over $850 million in investments. Before that, Brian worked at Facebook and was the top Computer Science student at Princeton.

Kendrick Nguyen, founding advisor. Kendrick is the CEO of Republic and, formerly, General Counsel of AngelList and Fellow of Stanford Law School.

The Future

This is just the start for CoinList. We’re beginning with offering compliance and sale facilitation services for token issuers, but soon we’ll be expanding the scope of financial services we offer.

We will support these companies throughout their lifecycle—whether that means secondary trading of their tokens or securities, market making for them, or anything else.

Thanks for being along for the ride.

— Andy, Graham, Paul, Joshua, and Brian

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