Coinlive Bounty Program: Are You Up for the Challenge?

At CoinLive, our core vision is to deliver maximum value. We are all in when it comes to closing a gap in crypto news coverage by the removal of noise while keeping the flow of information structured, relevant, and insightful.

As part of our journey to become a trustworthy crypto service, we aim to set our newsfeed apart. Our analysts stay constantly in tune with the market via our rigorous workflows. However, we don’t settle for the norm and strive to keep perfecting our craft, that’s why we’ve decided this new initiative, to prove to our readers how we avoid a recurrent mistake in typical auto news aggregators, that is, the publication of repeated stories. Our 100% hand-picked curation is unparalleled.

Have you checked crypto auto news aggregators out there? How many times did you come across repeated or delayed stories over and over? Probably many. We always found that annoying and not up to the professional standards that blockchain technology deserves. There is nothing like the human component to strike a balanced approach. That’s why we have a full-time team of crypto analysts dedicated to providing the best service to you.

It’s a tall order at times, considering how electrifyingly fast the flow of news can be in a universe with the constant bombardment of stories from all angles. That said, the time has come to challenge ourselves as we thrive for excellence. So, here is the deal. We want to reward you as the cost of not providing the best possible service. Period.

Effective immediately, we challenge you. If you find repeated stories in our news feed, you will be able to earn as much as 0.01 ETH/news.

Example of a repeated story:

The bounty program will be ongoing until further notice. All you have to do is send us the links of repeated stories (if you find them). You must be quick every time you spot one, as once we are notified, that news will be removed from our news feed and will no longer be eligible for the bounty. Only the first email received on a repeated story will qualify.

The email to send your links to is We will keep track of the links sent and fund the ETH public address you provide once a week.

How to claim your ETH?

ETH reward rate brackets

  • 1–10 stories sent/week: earn at a rate of 0.005 eth/news.
  • 10–20 stories sent/week: earn at a rate of 0.007 eth/news.
  • More than 20 stories sent/week: earn at a rate of 0.009 eth/news.
  • If you are a registered user at CoinLive, we will increase the rate by 0.001 eth/news

We believe this bounty is a great exercise to help us perfect our workflows and keep getting better at serving you. If along the way, you find that our service justifies a tip in CoinLive’s jar, we invite you to make us a donation via:

ETH address: 0xdA7C664D902f72CC43d85c55C12410077FdC76aD

BTC address: 3PyXdioQPFYDq3sNt6SrrtHkz82qiMBfCr

Let the fun begin: Start scanning CoinLive’s 24/7 News Terminal. By the way, you can also join our Discord Channel to get in touch with like-minded crypto traders, investors, researchers.

Come check it out!