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A Brief Introduction

The management team at CoinLive has been involved in the coverage of real-time financial news in capital markets since 2010, from forex, commodities, equities, macroeconomics, you name it.

We have never settled for the norm. We became increasingly interested in blockchain technology, which led to a more profound exploration of the space in 2017. The more we learnt, the more fascinated and intrigued we became. However, and probably many professional and savvy traders/investors could attest, we struggled to find a place to be updated in all things crypto, a one-stop shop that would make our time efficient without the need of being bombarded with news from all angles.

Time to Leverage the Experience

Some great efforts have been made. There are news aggregators closing the misinformation gap, not to mention how vitally important it is to have vibrant reddit and twitters communities (our curation relies on your constant contributions). Also, forums the likes of BitcoinTalk, or social platforms such as Slack, Telegram and even Discord. Worth mentioning, also, the constant flow of quality info one can obtain via blogging site giants such as CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph, Bitcoinist, Bitcoin News, Coin Bureau, and many others.

However, after all said and done, we were still left with the impression of a glass half empty if only based on what we were after as a crypto investors. We had all these great websites out there producing exceptional content, but we were still looking for the one that could, not only aggregate an endless number of stories, but to keep it well structured, relevant and insightful.

It was under these circumstances that the a premise would be born out. What if we could leverage our expertise gathered in capital markets for the whole crypto community to benefit? What if we could lead a crypto market intelligence service that integrates a relevant coverage where the noise is removed, coupled with an unparalleled user friendly interface? Who could we benefit with such product? Anyone, intraday traders, macro investors, researchers, you name it.

Building Up the Team

We had the vision and expertise, so it was time to put together a talented team of crypto analysts. And so we did, we started tapping into our network of contacts in the industry, enthusiasts about the blockchain technology, and managed to assemble a startup dream team. Just to give you an example, writers the caliber of Blockgeeks’ lead-content creator got so excited about our proposal that they didn’t think twice before joining our project.

Our analysts are spread across the world, so we can guarantee coverage around the clock. Our team has made, at various stages in the past, a full-time transition from capital markets into cryptos. Our hirings have been with the idea in mind to bring a service of the highest quality to make a difference for the crypto community. We have gone the extra mile to guarantee that even on Saturdays and Sundays we will have you covered.

Order Needed in an Otherwise Chaotic Environment

At CoinLive, we respect and honor decentralized structures as a way to democratize how information is distributed in a way that is equitable and fair. However, just as the crypto market needs some type of semi-regulatory framework to thrive, see further adoption, bust most importantly, see scrupulous scammers vanish, the same conjecture applies when providing information on crypto markets.

Some type of central entity that provides filtering and order in an otherwise chaotic barrage of news is necessary, that’s why, in the context of a constant flow of news, we apply a standards-based criteria to select the best content for curation and analysis. A complex and time-consuming process that gets delivered in the simplest possible manner via our state-of-the-art platform.

We Stand by Core Principles

Note, it is in our DNA to provide only the information that matters, that’s our #1 mantra. To achieve that, we must always be reminded of values such as neutrality, objectivity, relevance, insightfulness, actionability and timely. No respect for these principles would lead us into an inevitable path towards a purposeless ‘no man’s land’.

It is worth mentioning that as a website, and hopefully you perceive this manifesto as a preamble reflection of our intentions, we aim to be, above all, transparent and reachable for the crypto community. However, the reality is that scammers and impostors are still dominant and that resulted in trust and transparency being even more pivotal to build a credible and trustworthy endeavour in the crypto space. One of our best weapons to grow as a website and community is our obsession to provide transparency and honesty, that’s a core value we’ll always stand by.

What Makes us Unique?

Let’s first start from a more personal note if I may. Unlike ICOs collecting millions of dollars, we built our website from the ground up with nothing but another type of capital, the sweat equity. While not having as deep pockets, which obviously increases the challenges as it forces one to be much more efficient in the allocation of time and capital, we exceed in our levels of determination, purposefulness and knowledge to standout as a service.

Talking about the news service, you will immediately notice that our terminal provides a UI/UX that aims to maximize functionality and usability, while not abandoning a sense for structure and eye-candy. The enriched features provide an enhanced users’ experience as we allow for the classification of different categories. It allows to find a large variety of news such as crypto assets, industry, hot news, daily recaps, events coming up, ICOs. The design simplifies the experience and saves time, with the navigation being very agile.

The human factor is one advantage that cannot be sufficiently overstated. Unlike news aggregators that run on auto-pilot by the detection of keywords, we found it cardinal to apply the human touch into the service, which obviously gives us much more room to be responsive, proactive, dynamic and in full control of our coverage when necessary.

This said, content is king. Design without content is decoration, and decoration is over-design. With that in mind, we only publish the information that helps traders make better and more informed decisions. One can, at any time, find out whether a specific crypto is increasing the prospects of usage rate / utility in our news terminal. Has the project signed new partnerships? Has there been an upgrade in the platform? and so forth…

The Best Still to Come: The Crowdsourcing Movement

If we assist your trading or research by keeping you better informed, only then, we’d like to encourage you to be part of CoinLive crowdsourcing movement by submitting your research, insights, thesis in our analysis section. You will have a say to turn CoinLive from a very handy news terminal into an exceptional market intelligence portal. As a contributor, you will be rewarded with motivational incentives (coming up).

In line with the essence of what blockchain technology is about, we believe that our service will experience a quality-jump if we let the community participate, that’s why we find it cardinal to abide by the principles of a ‘people-powered’ portal, creating synergies and what we’d like to call a virtuous cycle in which we all benefit from the compounding effect of a committed community. That’s why a Slack room to interact has been created.

Final Note: Stay Ahead of the Game with CoinLive

We genuinely believe that our services, including the news terminal and what’s in store for coming months, will facilitate a sense of structure in an otherwise chaotic context, will enable you to make smarter and more informed trading decisions, will keep you alerted on upcoming events, will provide an essential recap of the news that matter, and will help you to get more educated on blockchain technology. It is with such “WILL” that we encourage you to join us for a fun ride as we cover the crypto markets.

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