Inside #BBConfIsrael: CLTeam Report

Bonus tips: What everyone should know attending a business event

Apr 9, 2018 · 3 min read

According to Bloomberg, Israel is the world’s tenth most innovative country. It hosts 65 blockchain-related startups, relying on Israel Blockchain Association. No wonder that CoinLoan team chose Blockchain & Bitcoin Conference Israel as a next stop in the Global Tour. We had high expectations and Israel delivered on its reputation 🙂

Inspired by Tel Aviv, we prepared a short #BBConfIsrael story and summarized some advice on first-class networking. Let’s go!

27.03. A Short While to Take in the Sights

On the first day, we mixed with locals and learned first-hand why Israel is highly regarded across the globe for its business culture, entrepreneurial spirit and hospitality.

28.03. The Big Day

The day was a complete success — we had some pre-arranged meetings with conference participants and dozens of spontaneous networking sessions.

Firstly, we came to present CoinLoan platform and announce it’s launch in the nearest future. Participants assessed the opportunity to earn with CoinLoan using their asset. They highly appreciated the flexible conditions for lenders and borrowers suitable for microloans as well as big ones.

Alex — Co-Founder & CEO (left), Mike — Business Development Manager (right)

Secondly, we got an opportunity to discuss new regulations, current state and perspectives of cryptocurrencies with top-notch experts and entrepreneurs. The general opinion was that the ongoing market disruption precedes a period of recovery. The general feeling is that it’s essential to comply with the requirements of regulators and the changing legislation in the crypto field.

CoinLoan agreed on a partnership with one of those 65 Israeli blockchain startups! We’ll announce the cooperation details and mutual benefit for our customers a while later. You will like it for sure!

P.S. Exhibition area accommodated for more than 20 stands. Can you spot ours in the video?

29.03. Packing our Bags & Drawing a Conclusion

Mike, CoinLoan biz dev took a minute to summarize our Global Tour experience. We supposed it might be interesting for you. So here are some things we learned and want to share.

4 Quick Tips Everyone Should Know Attending a Business Event:

  1. The best improvisation is prepared improvisation
    Find the list of speakers and participants in advance on the site of event. Use an event app or LinkedIn to schedule necessary meetings before the event. Stay open for opportunities — best contacts are often spontaneous.
  2. Take control over the technical means
    In case if you are coming as an exhibitor, ask the organizer beforehand about the outlets at the workplace for charging laptops and smartphones. Check the quality of WiFi, or better yet, bring your own portable WiFi router to stay connected.
  3. Don’t get carried away
    It is beneficial to establish as many contacts as possible during the conference day. It’s better not to spend hours talking to one person, you risk to waste a range of opportunities. It will be more efficient to continue promising negotiations after the event.
  4. Transform doubt into action
    Never hesitate to start a conversation with strangers, exhibitors, experts and VIPs. Networking events are the easiest way to make new professional contacts. After all most of attendees came to learn, contact and gain inspiration. Take a deep breath and jump in!

Thanks for reading!
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