5 Reasons why CoinMall is better than OpenBazaar

We have had many users asking us the same question: Why is CoinMall better than OpenBazaar? This post will shed some light on why CoinMall, a centralized service, is better than OpenBazaar, a decentralized service.

1) Accessibility: For a marketplace to thrive, it is important to make it as conveniently accessible as possible. Because OpenBazaar is a decentralized service, it requires you to install a custom program on your computer, which often results in installation errors. This is a barrier to entry for those users who are not technically proficient enough to download the program or resolve those errors. CoinMall on the other hand is a web service, and therefore is accessible on any device with an internet connection, removing the technical barrier to entry.

Red = Accessibility and installation issues. Black = Usability issues. Reddit.com/r/OpenBazaar (25–10–2017)

2) Features: Implementing features some might view as crucial to have on a decentralized marketplace like OpenBazaar is not easy. When looking at the most recent release of OpenBazaar, it is very evident it lacks must-have features. Some of the things you can NOT do on OpenBazaar but are already able to do on CoinMall are: Automatically shipping digital goods, creating multiple stores/accounts using the same device, temporarily disabling a listing, referral program, shopping cart and viewing products by category.

3) Fees: Although OpenBazaar boasts about having no fees, there is actually a price to pay for using OpenBazaar. When purchasing a product, buyers are forced to pay the transaction fee for that specific purchase. When withdrawing funds, you yet again need to pay the transaction fee for that specific withdrawal. In case a transaction goes south, there’s fees for using moderator. CoinMall on the other hand doesn’t have any fees, except for depositing funds and withdrawing funds. We batch withdrawals, resulting in negligible withdrawal fees. Any purchases made on CoinMall itself, as well as utilizing Escrow, is completely free of charge.

4) Updates: When OpenBazaar updated its platform from V1 to V2, it required all users to set up their store from scratch again due to the fact that they were two independent networks. Future updates might result in yet again migrating stores and setting everything up from scratch, which is quite a burden for its users. CoinMall doesn’t have this problem. Any updates we make to the CoinMall platform will not result in deleted stores or products.

5) Censorship: Despite OpenBazaar claiming not to censor products, it actually does. It does so at the search-engine level by blocking products which don’t abide by the search engine’s rules, resulting in products not being found on OpenBazaar unless you have a link to the product. Here at CoinMall we do not censor any products and products are visible when browsing through CoinMall.

We hope this post has informed you on how CoinMall differs itself from, and is better than, OpenBazaar. Visit CoinMall now at: https://www.coinmall.io

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