Announcing CoinMall Beta

With all-new features, full Lightning Network support and much more!

If you don’t know what CoinMall is: CoinMall is a marketplace which helps you earn (or spend!) cryptocurrency. You can buy and sell whichever digital product comes to mind on CoinMall, whether it be game keys, website themes or gift cards.

EDIT: We’re on Product Hunt:

After months of hard work, we’re delighted to announce the much-anticipated launch of CoinMall Beta today. This Beta release builds upon the strong fundamentals of the Alpha version, launched last October, adding many valuable tools which simplify and enhance the CoinMall platform.

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This jam-packed upgrade to CoinMall contains many bug-fixes and adds various new tools. Highlighted are the most interesting ones:

  • Complete Bitcoin Lightning Network support. Both deposits & withdrawals are now supported.
Lightning Network deposits & withdrawals are now enabled, allowing micro-transactions to take place on the platform

Due to the above, we have removed a number of now obsolete cryptocurrencies. Affected are the following: Litecoin, Dash and Digibyte. For now, the supported cryptocurrencies are: Bitcoin (& Lightning) as well as ZCash. Moving forward, we’ll introduce an application form to have their cryptocurrency added. Applications will be assessed based on the technical merits of the respective cryptocurrency.

  • Various seller features have been added, such as: coupons, product variants, download protection and a POS
A variety of seller tools have been added, including (but not limited to) coupons, product variants, product download protection and a POS
  • Revenue share: If enabled by the seller, CoinMall users can now refer other buyers to a specific product and receive a percentage of the sales amount, automatically.
The affiliate link can be found on the product page, and will show what percentage of the sales amount you receive when you refer a buyer to the product.
  • Simplified Registration. Rather than having to go through an entire sign-up process, we’ve now made it possible to log in with your social account, skipping the sign-up process entirely!
Simply login with one of your social accounts and you’re ready to buy or sell.


The above is just a small selection of what we have been working on the past few months. We’re nearing feature-parity with all major traditional file-selling storefronts such as Shopify, and have even added unseen-before features to the platform.

This means we are now ready to on-board sellers to the platform, so expect to see a wide selection of digital products being offered by sellers from across the globe shortly. Stay tuned for more!

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