It’s nice to think that a centralized service could offer no fees and no censorship, but that’s not…
Samuel Patterson

Hey Samuel, interesting points you raise there.

  • If they didn’t charge fees, they’d need to monetize with user data: CoinMall is pseudonymous and all messages / products are P2P encrypted by default. There’s 0 monetizable user data available.
  • If they didn’t want to monetize user data, they’d need to charge fees: We charge for listing upsells such as promoting a listing in various ways. No need for charging fees this way.
  • If they didn’t censor transactions and take down stores, they’d be forced to do so by governments (or be shut down themselves): Surprisingly enough there’s very few digital goods which are actually illegal. Again, OpenBazaar censors on the search engine level as well.

PS: Users do not have total control over a sale on OpenBazaar. When a purchase is disputed, for example, the moderator system is still buggy (resulting in funds stuck in limbo). Check the OB subreddit for users complaining about not having control over a purchase.

Hopefully this explains the CoinMall concept a bit more.