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• An Austrian based cryptocurrency start-up, Kurant has set up ATMs in post-offices at Salzburg, Linz and Bregenz.
• Kurant based in Vienna is a subsidiary of Bitcoin Broker Firm, Coinfinity
• Inaugral Blockchain Summit, ANON 2019, will be held in Vienna, Austria during April 2–3.

Austria belongs to the European Economic Area (EEA), which has supported cryptocurrency and blockchain related start-ups and companies. The EEA region also allows cryptocurrency based pre-paid cards which can be used at POS Visa and MasterCard devices globally.

Austrian company Coinfinity is one of the largest Bitcoin Brokers in Europe and offers a variety of other cryptocurrency related products. Kurant, a subsidiary of Coinfinity promotes and installs Bitcoin ATMs. Recently, Kurant has installed a Cryptocurrency ATM at the national post offices of three cities.

The Post Offices where the ATM is installed are Salzburg, Linz, and Bregenz. The move is symbolic of the fact that the Austrian Government is open to Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. The Austrian FMA has set up guidelines for deviates’ and trading of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. However, the absolute nature of Bitcoin as a currency or a commodity has not been defined by the Regulators.

Vienna will host the inaugural Autonomous New Open Network (ANON) Summit on April 2–3 2019. The list of attendees and speakers at the conference boast of executives from Microsoft, IBM, Accenture and more.

The Blockchain summit which is supposed to be an annual thing will host the FinTech visionaries and developers from around the world. They will discuss transparency, decentralization, and security in various fields and industries. The expected headcount at the event is 2000 with more than 80 speakers, 40 exhibitors, and numerous investors and cryptocurrency enthusiasts.

The main topics of the event will be government, blockchain for business, healthcare, energy, banking, supply chain, and mobility. There will be a synergy of leading blockchain cryptocurrency based firms like Hyperledger, Bitfury, Bitmain, National and International Banks, Wien Energie and Merck.


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