BTC Price Predictions For Feb 14: 32 Go Long; 11 Go Short
Feb 13 · 2 min read

As of 15:24 UTC on Feb 13, the global average price of Bitcoin is trading above the $10,200 level, marking $10,225.00. Out of the 65 accredited crypto analysts with, 32 think that for the next 24 hours (12:00 UTC, Feb 13 to 12:00 UTC, Feb 14), the price of BTC will rise, 11 think it will drop, and 22 think it will continue to trade sideways. selects opinions from three popular crypto analysts for your market analysis:
@Biquanhuage: The Bitcoin (BTC) price has currently dropped to the five-moving average. The Relative Strength Index (RSI) now is releasing the overbought signal. On the daily chart, the macro trend is still bullish and stable, while the retracement is necessary for BTC to regain the strength to go upwards. The lower 10-day moving average is an important point for investors. Specifically, the pressure level now is $10,500, while the support level marks $9,900.
@Eagle Eye Blockchain: BTC fails to break above the $10,500 threshold after a two-day rally. On the four-hour chart, BTC has entered the correction phase at a high price level. The lower 30-day moving average is able to form the effective support in the short term. The overall trend is still bullish and a fallback after creating a high is common. Later, the king coin will continue to run up. The price will be more likely to swing between $10,000 and $10,500 in the short run.
@Chuangye: The short-term fall indicates that profit gainers has sold the coins to cash out, which make BTC release much momentum. From now on, investors should key a close eye on the hourly chart to observe whether BTC can recover. The BTC price will currently continue its correction.

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